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Three Network Considerations for Smart Cities

Communications systems underpin every aspect of the smart city.

Learn More 2019-01-15

ADSS and OPGW Cables for Overhead Transmission Lines

Overhead fiber optic cable systems have become a key factor in telecommunication networks used by operators and power utilities.

Learn More 2018-09-05

Understanding Fiber Optic Technology for SCADA

SCADA networks have undergone significant changes, and the technological developments have made fiber optic technology a viable solution for users looking to build a network.

Learn More 2018-08-03

Developing and Evolving CCTV Surveillance Systems

Security and surveillance cameras are all around us. Look around and you will find them in virtually every place you go.

Learn More 2018-07-25

Why Fiber Optics Are Ideal for Cloud Computing

Fiber optic technology is still underutilized, even though it represents the cutting edge in connectivity.

Learn More 2018-07-10

Using Fiber Optics in Industrial Control Project

Sun Telecom's products are used in a industrial control project which uses fiber optic to transmit signals to control the crane to complete fixed-point transportation.

Learn More 2018-06-28

Tips for ADSS Cable Fittings

There is a wide range of quality of products in the cable fittings industry, here are some tips to help you choose.

Learn More 2018-05-15

How to Choose PLC Splitters

This post will introduce the most commonly used PLC splitters in different package form factors.

Learn More 2018-05-07

How to Choose Rack Mount Fiber Optic Terminal Box

Rack mount fiber optic terminal boxes come in different configurations.

Learn More 2018-04-26

Introduction of Fiber Optic Cleaving

Cleaving, an essential step of making fiber ends clean, it works surprisingly well, at least for standard glass fibers.

Learn More 2018-04-10

Basic of Fiber Optic Cable Distribution

Various boxes for fiber optic management are being widely used from the Central Office to the End User.

Learn More 2018-04-03

Which Fiber Media Converter Is Perfect for Your Project?

Various types of fiber media converters are provided in the market, people easily get confused.

Learn More 2018-03-28

GPON: Optimal Solution to FTTH

GPON provides one of the most cost-effective ways to bandwidth-intensive applications.

Learn More 2018-03-21

5 Reasons Why We Choose OM5 Fiber

OM5 provides a significant advantage over legacy OM3 and OM4 fibers to support SWDM applications.

Learn More 2018-03-15

IDC (Internet Data Center) Fiber Optic Solution

Sun Telecom's MPO/MTP solution is pre-terminated solution which means it can easily expand or relocate systems without relocating patch cords and cassette.

Learn More 2018-02-28

Visually Locating Fiber Loss With VFL

VFL serves as a fiber optic testing device that is used to locate the breakpoint, bending or cracking of the fiber glass

Learn More 2018-02-27

Cable Tie Is Not as Easy as You Think

To choose the right cable tie for your applications, we would like to offer some suggestions when making your decisions.

Learn More 2018-02-24

Fiber Optic Outdoor Cable: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the fibre optic outdoor cabling? We have Q/A to help you.

Learn More 2018-02-08

Solution for Fiber Patch Cable Bending

Bend insensitive fiber patch cable exhibits much lower optical power loss under bend conditions.

Learn More 2018-01-30

50μm VS 62.5μm: Which Multimode Fiber to Choose?

50μm fiber superior technical characteristics are clear. 62.5μm fiber is used to support legacy networks and equipment.

Learn More 2018-01-19

The Importance of Testing in Fiber Network Deployments

This should be required on all installs, even if the network owner hasn't mandated it.

Learn More 2017-08-25

4 Things You Need to Know to Choose Optical Transceivers

We will help you to go through the necessary factors so that you would know what should be taken into consideration.

Learn More 2017-08-23

What is (Gigabit Passive Optical Networks) GPON?

GPON gives the end user the ability to consolidate multiple services onto a single fibre transport network.

Learn More 2017-09-29

Why Do You Need OTDR Launch Box?

This post will introduce OTDR launch box for your reference.

Learn More 2017-09-07

How Is Active Optical Cable Used In Modern Data Centers?

What on earth are the differences between AOC and optical transceiver?

Learn More 2017-11-16

Fiber Patch Cable Cleaning Recommendations

For best optical performance, it is imperative that all fiber patch cable connections are clean.

Learn More 2018-01-04

MTP Fiber Connectors for Plug-n-Play Systems

MPO and MTP fiber connectors are the mainstays for modern PnP systems.

Learn More 2017-12-27

Why Choose Pre-terminated Cabling System For Data Center?

Pre-terminated fiber cabling solutions are being widely introduced in the modern data center.

Learn More 2017-12-20

Why Is Plenum Cable Important to High Density Data Centers?

How to make the crucial data center a safer place? The high quality plenum cable can be one of the best choices.

Learn More 2017-12-14

Three Types MTP Harness Cables Used in Today's Data Center

MTP-LC, Conversion and Trunk Harness Cables are three types MTP Harness Cables used in today's data center.

Learn More 2017-12-06

MTP/MPO Cabling System: A Panacea for Data Center

This article explains you how MTP/MPO assemblies help to drive data centers to the next level.

Learn More 2017-11-24

Pre-terminated Fiber Cable - a Great FTTH Installation Solution

In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons for pre-terminated versus field-terminated cable when it comes to cost, installation skills and excess materials.

Learn More 2017-11-09

Migrating to 40/100G Network with MTP Harness Conversion Cable

Today this post will introduce a type of MTP fiber cable—MTP conversion cable which can overcome the problem mentioned above.

Learn More 2017-10-31

Five Characteristics of Data Center Single Mode Fiber Deployment

Single mode fiber optics and cabling are all the rage in the data center industry.

Learn More 2017-10-26

MTP Modules and Harnesses in Data Center

Knowledge of MTP modules and MTP harnesses will be provided in this blog.

Learn More 2017-10-18

40G Transceiver: The Answer to Your Looming Network Exhaust

The 40G market is finally moving to a generalized deployment phase.

Learn More 2017-10-12

Fiber Optic Cables For Harsh Environment

Here is a brief introduction several ruggedized fiber optic cables that can work in different harsh environments

Learn More 2017-07-28

One Awesome Optical Cable Identifier

It is crucial to correctly locate the target desired fiber optic cables in an outside plant, but an easy-to-use method is Optical Cable Identifier

Learn More 2017-07-29

An Efficient Solution for Fiber Connecting

Without polishing, adhesives, or heating, fast connector makes field installation quick and easy

Learn More 2017-07-27

Conveniently Integrated FTTx Cabling Systems

Sun Telecom provides premium fiber optic cabling systems, which include fiber optic cables, cable management, passive components, tool kits and test equipment

Learn More 2017-07-27

Essential Equipment For Patch Cord Manufacturing

Sun Telecom offers all the equipment, tools, procedures and guides for Fiber Optic Patch Cord Production Line based on our 28-year experience

Learn More 2017-07-27

Optimizing Data Center Cable Distribution

MPO fiber equipment are the perfect solution for high density terminations for data centers

Learn More 2017-07-27

Using Fiber Optics in CCTV Surveillance Solutions

Sun Telecom provides two types of CCTV surveillance systems: one is based on PON structure and another on media converter structure

Learn More 2017-07-27

ADSS or OPGW? That is a question!

When dealing with cabling from the start, choose OPGW cables and when dealing with cabling in poles with already existing electric cabling, ADSS cables are better

Learn More 2017-07-27

Professional Tool Kits for Fiber Optic Projects

Here in Sun Telecom we have a vast array of fiber optic tool kits which are suitable for different kinds of tasks such as cleaning, splicing, cabling, etc

Learn More 2017-07-26

Dome and In-Line Type Splice Closures

Dome and in-line type fiber optic splice closures have their own installation area, so the closures must be chosen correctly according to how the cabling is installed

Learn More 2017-07-26

A Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer You Cannot Miss

When we perform fiber optic splicing works in the field, travelling light is often a good decision

Learn More 2017-07-26

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Telefónica Touts Plastic Optical Fiber for In-home Networks

The comparatively low cost and ease of installation are benefits plastic optical fiber proponents have touted.

Learn More 2017-11-29

Spain, Brazil plan subsea fiber optic cable by 2019

The Spanish and Brazilian governments have teamed up to lay an undersea cable in the Atlantic Ocean to offer fast online

Learn More 2017-07-28

China's New Quantum Communication Network

New quantum communication network in the city of Jinan, China is expected to change cryptography for the better

Learn More 2017-07-28

Optical Fiber that Preserves the Properties of Light

Researchers develop a novel type of optical fiber that preserves the properties of light

Learn More 2017-07-28

First Fiber Optic Telephone Network Inaugurated

The ministry intends to push the private sector to increase potential subscribers to 100,000 in the next fiscal

Learn More 2017-07-28

Rise of fiber-based access devicesaccess device trends

Rise of fiber-based access devices among Top 3 Carrier Ethernet access device trends

Learn More 2017-07-28

Fibre-optic cable plan to improve service

A TELECOMMUNICATIONS company is looking to further expand its services and reach nationwide through several lucrative capital projects

Learn More 2017-07-26

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The CEO of “Sun Telecom” Caesara Niu was Invited to Visit the United Nations in Vienna

The CEO of “Sun Telecom” Caesara Niu was invited to visit the headquarters of “United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)” in Vienna.

Learn More 2018-10-12

Sun Telecom is One of Leading Companies for Global FTTX Market

Sun Telecom is one of leading companies for Global FTTX Market.

Learn More 2018-08-28

"Sun Telecom" Won the Honorary Title of "Trustworthy Brand (Industry) 2017"

On Jan. 19th 2018, Sun Telecom was awarded as the honorary title of "Trustworthy Brand (Industry) 2017".

Learn More 2018-01-24

"Sun Telecom" Joined in Shanxi Science & Technology Contest Exposition

Sun Telecom was invited to Exposition to show the application of GPON/EPON in Intelligent Transportation and Safe City CCTV Surveillance System.

Learn More 2018-01-08

"Sun Telecom" Won the Honorary Title of "Leading Brands (Industry) 2017"

On Nov. 28th 2017, Sun Telecom was awarded as the honorary title of "Leading Brands (Industry) 2017".

Learn More 2017-12-07

One-Stop Service of Fiber Optic Total Solutions

Why hundreds of companies keep choosing Sun Telecom despite some others can have a lower price offer?

Learn More 2017-08-14