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Fiber Optic Patch Cable: Here's All You Should Know

Date: 2022-11-28 16:08:00

 A fiber optic patch cable is crucial for telecommunications networks and data centers. It provides high bandwidth, high-speed data transmission, and high reliability. This article will lead you to know about fiber optic patch cables.
What is Fiber Optic Patch Cable?
A fiber optic patch cable often called a fiber patch cord or fiber jumper is a length of fiber optic cable that is terminated with fiber optic connectors (LC, SC, MTRJ, ST, MPO/MTP, FC, etc.) at each end. The connectors allow fiber optic patch cords to be rapidly connected to an optical switch or other telecommunications/computer device.
Fiber Optic Patch Cable Types
There are several types of fiber optic patch cables available in the market. It mainly divides into common types of fiber optic patch cable and special types of fiber optic patch cable.
Common Types of Fiber Optic Patch Cable
1. Fiber Cable Mode: Single-Mode and Multi-mode
Single-mode fiber optic patch cable uses 9/125 micron bulk single-mode fiber cable and single-mode fiber optic connectors at both ends. Single-mode fiber optic patch is used for long-distance transmission and is available in OS1 and OS2 types.
Multi-mode fiber optic patch cable uses 62.5/125 micron or 50/125-micron bulk multi-mode fiber cable and is terminated with multi-mode fiber optic connectors at both ends. A multi-mode fiber optic patch cable is used for short-distance transmission within a building or campus and is available in OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, and OM5 types.
2. Number of Fiber Strands: Simplex and  Duplex
 A Simplex fiber optic patch cable has one fiber and one connector on each end. It can be linked with a pair of BiDi transceiver modules featuring one port, while a duplex fiber optic patch cable has two fibers and two connectors on each end. It can be linked with common transceivers or dual-fiber BiDi transceivers.
3. Jacket Type: PVC and LSZH
PVC ( polyvinyl chloride) and LSZH (low smoke zero halogen) are common jacket materials of fiber optic patch cable. PVC jacket is usually low-cost, flexible, and fairly rugged. LSZH jacket is more rigid, less flexible, and has a special flame-retardant coating.
4. Connector Type: LC, SC, ST or Others
Fiber optic patch cable connectors can be divided into types: same connector type fiber optic patch cable and hybrid fiber optic patch cable. The same connector type fiber optic patch cable has the same type of connector on both ends, such as ST, SC, LC, FC, etc. A hybrid fiber optic patch cable has different connectors on each end. One end can be SC and the other end can be LC, ST, FC, etc.
5. Connector Polishing Type: PC, UPC and APC
Fiber optic connectors are designed and polished to different shapes to minimize back reflection, which is particularly crucial in single-mode applications. Connector polishing types include PC, UPC, and APC. Generally speaking, PC (physical contact), UPC (ultra-physical contact), and APC (angled physical contact) are the type of polish style of the ferrules inside the fiber optic connectors.
Special Types of Fiber Optic Patch Cable
1. Armored Fiber Optic Patch Cable
The armored fiber optic patch cable is suitable to be deployed in a harsh environment as it consists of spiral steel tape armoring to protect the fiber optic cable.
2. Bend-Insensitive Fiber Optic Patch Cable
The bend-insensitive fiber optic patch cable is highly resistant to bend-related damage and loss. It has a small cable bending radius and prevents additional bend losses by innovative core design and enhanced low macro-bending sensitivity.
3. Mode Conditioning Fiber Optic Patch Cable
A mode conditioning fiber optic patch cable is a duplex multi-mode fiber optic patch cable constructed with a length of single mode to multi-mode offset fiber connection part at the start of one of the two legs. Mode conditioning fiber optic patch cables are 62.5/125µm or 50/125µm fiber cables assembled with fiber connectors on both ends, such as LC-LC, LC-SC, SC-ST, etc.
4. Low  Insertion Loss Fiber Optic Patch Cable
Low insertion loss fiber optic patch cable is used for applications where the amount of attenuation loss is a crucial element. With reduced attenuation, it can expand the network’s reach for long-haul applications.
5. LC Uniboot Fiber Optic Patch Cable
LC uniboot fiber optic patch cable consists of two LC connectors that are wrapped by a common housing with one boot. It is terminated on a single, round, two-fiber cable to achieve duplex data transmission.
Featuresand Benefits
Fiber optic patch cable provides high reliability, superior adaptability, high security, high-speed data transmission, high bandwidth, high return loss, good repeatability, low insertion loss, and immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).
The fiber optic patch cable is used in CATV networks, telecommunication networks, data centers, FTTx networks, FTTH,  local area networks (LAN), optical access networks, equipment tests, fiber optic sensors (FOS), defense combat readiness,  etc.
Fiber optic patch cable has helped many users to reach high bandwidth high reliability and high-speed data transmission, the benefit of which is stretching across a wide range of construction.Sun Telecom provides a wide variety of fiber patch cables. Contact us if you have any needs.

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