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Sun Telecom was Awarded as an Excellent Supplier by A Well-known Quantum Communications Company

Date: 2021-05-07 18:02:47

Anhui Qasky Quantum Technology Co., Ltd. (hereby referred to as Qasky), jointly initiated and established by the University of Science and Technology of China and Wuhu Construction Investment Co., Ltd, is the first enterprise to engage in the industrialization of quantum information in China. A Joint Laboratory in Hefei was established to undertake the mission of developing the national quantum information industrialization. One of the main business focuses of Qasky is the quantum cryptography communication system - a system that uses quantum technology to generate and distribute keys, and is evaluated as the most secure of the existing cryptography systems.
Sun Telecom is a long-term provider of fiber optic products for Qasky, and in 2020 was rated as an Excellent Supplier in the Annual Qualified Supplier Appraisal. The entire appraisal is evaluated from 14 aspects including product batch qualification rate, product average qualification rate, quality system assurance ability, on-time delivery achievement rate, pre-sales service commitment, after-sales service guarantee, etc. to divide suppliers into three levels - excellent, good and qualified.
For Sun Telecom, it is an honor to provide products for Qasky and support the national quantum information industrialization; it is an affirmation from Qasky to be appraised as an excellent supplier. Sun Telecom is devoted to meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent by providing “Systematic, End-to-end, One-stop” fiber optic total solutions and products for worldwide customers, which are applied to various fields such as Telecom (FTTH, 4G/5G Mobile Stations, etc.), Cable Television and Broadcast, Surveillance and Monitoring (Smart City, Smart Home, etc.), Computing Network, Data Center (Cloud Computing, Big Data, IOT, etc.), Industrial Control, Intelligent Manufacturing (Industrial 4.0), Fiber Optic Sensing, etc.
Application Fields of Sun Telecom's Fiber Optic Total Solutions

Position : Home >Company News

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