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5G Fiber Optic Transmission

The performance requirement of 5G posed a challenge to communications industry, with specific demands resulting from use of the millimeter wave (mmWave) radio frequency spectrum for both handsets and infrastructure. To realize 5G, several system architecture modifications are needed, such as C-RAN, edge computing in backhaul, and optical fronthaul. The application scenarios of 5G includes very high data rates, very high connected-device count, very low latency, very high reliability and security, and long battery life.

5G combines fixed, mobile, optical, microwave, and IP transport technologies to deliver ultra-dense, high-capacity, low-latency connectivity. The integration of macro and small cell sites with software-defined, cloud-native architectures promise a new level of network flexibility that enables operators to deliver on-demand capacity in support of applications with highly variable network and spectral requirements.

Network convergence also applies to the connections between AAU and CU/DU (fronthaul) and CU/DU and the core network (backhaul).
As a 5G fiber optic transmission solutions provider, Sun Telecom has the technology and expertise necessary for every type of network and application.

Key Features

  A variety of SFP transceiver types, suitable for a variety of transmission rates and application scenarios

•  The patchcord and fiber optic distribution box have excellent waterproof performance, suitable for outdoor harsh environment

  Wavelength division multiplexer with CWDM SFP transceiver saves fiber resources

  Air-blown fiber optic cable and skeleton channel fiber optic cable provide large core number fiber cabling solutions

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