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Everything You Need to Know About Breakout Cable

Date: 2023-12-20 12:19:00

As data centers increasingly upgrade to high speed, they require greater flexibility to allow for incremental network upgrades, and strategies to avoid system failures. However, a breakout cable is the solution that mitigates risk, lowers operating costs, provides high speed, greater flexibility to upgrade, and rugged design for data centers and more applications.

Breakout cable (also called fan-out cable ) consists of two or more simplex cables bundled around a central strength member. Each fiber has its jacket and all of the fibers are packaged together inside the same outer jacket. Thus, breakout cables can also be broken out into individual simplex cables for separate use when running through the walls of a building. Breakout cable is designed with a tight buffer and the fiber counts are varied from 2 to 24 fibers.

Features and Benefits
The term breakout defines the key purpose of breakout cable. That is, one can “break out” several fibers at any location, routing other fibers elsewhere. For this reason breakout cables are, or should be, coded for ease of identification.It has excellent tensile strength ensured by stranded FRP strength member structure and aramid yarn as additional strength member providing good tensile strength, rugged, and stiff. In addition, breakout cable provides high-density, high-speed connection, flexibility, easy installation, and low cost.

Breakout cable is ideal for applications where fibers are connected directly to equipment, including local data centers, local area networks (LAN), indoor, backbone and horizontal, riser, plenum, conduit, and industrial applications. Also, the robust design of breakout cables makes them well-suited for use as drop cables.

Breakout cable is a favorite where rugged cables are desirable or direct termination without junction boxes, patch panels, or other hardware is required. In addition, breakout cable provides a rugged design,high-density, and high speed connection and is suitable for conduit , riser, plenum, and industrial applications. Sun Telecom provides breakout cables products for the global market. 


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