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Boost FTTx Application With a Pre-Connectorized Fiber Optic Distribution Box

Date: 2024-02-20 11:34:47

 Pre-connectorized fiber optic distribution box is the new and most advanced FTTx (Fiber-to-the-x) network distribution node equipment, providing fast and reliable connection, solid protection, and management for the FTTx network. This article provides a basic understanding of pre-connectorized fiber optic distribution boxes.

What is a Pre-Connectorized Fiber Optic Distribution Box?
Pre-connectorized fiber optic distribution box is a device used as a distribution point for the feeder cable to connect with the drop cable in the FTTx communication network system. The fiber splicing, splitting, and distribution can be done in this box. In addition, it provides solid protection and management for the FTTx network building. Pre-connectorized fiber optic distribution box has replaced traditional fiber splicing operations with pre-connectorized adapters and connectors to make construction more efficient and cost-effective.


Pre-connectorized fiber optic distribution box is made of high-quality plastic PP (Polypropylene) or PC+ABS ( Polycarbonate+ Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) material. These materials ensure the body is strong and light. They have high impact strength, heat resistance, flexibility, and a more brittle texture.

Features and Benefits
a) Max.3/5/8/9/10/12 pre-connectorized adapters
b) Protection level up to IP65/IP68 
c) Moisture-proof, wet-proof, waterproof, dust-proof, anti-aging
d) Material: PP or PC+ABS
e) Advanced structure design, easy operation, and reasonable routing
f) Compact size and lightweight
g) Free of splicing and plug and play and loaded with splitter
h) Wall, pole, aerial, or pedestal mounted

Installation Method
Pre-connectorized fiber optic distribution box can be installed by wall pole or aerial mounted installation method. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. In addition, below are the simple steps to install the pre-connectorized fiber optic distribution box using the wall, pole, aerial, and pedestal-mounted installation methods.
(1) Drill 3 holes into the wall, place the expansion bolt Φ7.5*40, place the box to match up the holes, and use a bolt to fasten.
(2) Fix 1 set of the pole ring to the telecom pole.
(3) Hang the hook on the messenger, and tighten the bolts and nuts of the hook.


Pre-connectorized fiber optic distribution box is used in FTTH access networks, telecommunication networks, CATV networks, local area networks (LAN), etc.


Pre-connectorized fiber optic distribution box simplified construction, flexible deployment, and easy O&M (Operation and Maintenance) to help providers build FTTx networks efficiently.
Sun Telecom specializes in providing one-stop total fiber optic solutions for all fiber optic application industries worldwide. Contact us if you have any needs.

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