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Take A Detailed Look At The ADSS Fiber Optic Cable

Date: 2022-11-22 17:16:20

As a type of self-supporting aerial fiber optic cable, ADSS (All-dielectric Self-supporting) cable is designed for aerial installation and deployment, which is suitable for various outdoor applications.This article will provide some knowledge of ADSS cable.

What Is ADSS Cable?
ADSS cable is a type of fiber optic cable that is strong enough to support itself between structures without using conductive metal elements. This cable is designed for aerial transmission and distribution power lines environments. As its name indicates, there are no metallic components and the cable does not require a support or messenger wire, so installation is achieved in a single pass, making ADSS cable an economical and simple means of building a fiber optic network.


ADSS Cable Structure
ADSS cable structure is mainly composed of central strength member, stranded loose tube, water blocking material, aramid yarn, and sheath. ADSS cable structure consists of  2 types: single jacket and double jacket.


Features and Benefits
ADSS cable can be installed without shutting off the power, has large span lengths, good performance of tensile strength, lightweight, small diameter, strong structure, flexible, reliable, faster, easier to install and maintain, low cost, small effects of ice and wind, can withstand its weight and external load, eliminates bonding and grounding, anti-electro-corrosion,suitable for the bad climate,non-metal structure, good insulation, and anti-thunder.

Applications Scenarios
ADSS cable is used for telecommunications by power utilities, telcos, and private network groups, distribution and high voltage transmission lines, conductors, outdoor aerial self-supporting installation, enterprise OSP networks, broadband, FTTX networks, railways, long-distance communication, CATV, CCTV, computer networks system, ethernet LAN Network, outside plant campus backbone, etc.

ADSS fiber cable is ideal for installation in distribution and transmission environments. It does not need support or messenger wire, a single pass is sufficient for installation which makes it a cost-effective and simple way of setting up fiber optic networks. Sun Telecom  provides all ADSS cable products and solutions to the global market.

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