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How Many Types of Fiber Optic Patch Panel Do You Know?

Date: 2023-05-11 15:53:00

 Fiber optic patch panels play an increasingly important role in the fiber optic network due to the widespread use of high-density cabling systems in data centers. It provides a simple solution for incorporating flexibility, manageability, installation, and scalability into high-density fiber optic cable systems. This article will provide a better understanding of fiber optic patch panel types.
What is a Fiber Optic Patch Panel?
A fiber optic patch panel, also known as a fiber distribution panel or optical distribution frame(ODF), is used to terminate the fiber optic cable and provide access to individual spliced fibers for cross-connection. It can create a secure environment for protected splices fibers, housing connectors, adapters, and fiber splicing trays.
Types of Fiber Optic Patch Panels

1. Standard Fiber Optic Patch Panel 
The standard fiber optic patch panel can be fully loaded with LC/SC/MTP adapters. It is easily installed in any standard 19" rack or enclosure for LAN interconnect or cross-connect patching. It is used in data center cabling, high EMI/RFI applications, Telco CO and MAN, etc.
2. Breakout Fiber Optic Patch Panel
The breakout fiber optic patch panel, also known as MTP or MPO fiber optic patch panel is designed for high-density 40G-10G and 100G-25G breakout cables. It has the advantage of high density and capacity and brings flexibility and convenience to cable management.

3. Modular Fiber Optic Patch Panel
Modular fiber optic patch panel is available in rack mount modular fiber enclosure panels and multimedia adapter panels types. It can hold up to 4 MTP cassettes or LC/SC fiber adapter panels, fitting for both front and rear mounting in horizontal cable management. It is used in building backbones, data centers, and enterprise applications.
4. Rack Mount and Wall Mount Fiber Optic Patch Panel
The rack mounts fiber optic patch panel can house, organize, manage, and protect fiber optic cable terminations, fiber splices, connectors, and patch cords. The rack mount patch panel is designed in 1U, 2U, 3U,4U, etc. sizes. It can be mounted onto 19",  21’’, and 23" standard relay racks.
The wall-mount fiber patch panel is suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. The indoor wall-mount fiber patch panel is usually deployed in an indoor environment. It can be mounted onto the wall to provide secure storage for the fiber splices supporting a variety of fiber optic adapters such as FC, LC, SC, and ST. The outdoor wall-mount fiber patch panel is usually deployed in an outdoor environment. It can be wall-mounted to protect the optical splices.
Fiber optic patch panels facilitate the easy termination of fiber optic cables and well-organized and easy-to-manage connections of all the input ports into a patch panel in a central location. Sun Telecom specializes in providing one-stop total fiber optic solutions for all fiber optic application industries worldwide. Contact us if any needs.

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