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FTTA Fiber Optic Distribution Box: Ideal Solution for 5G Network Application

Date: 2023-04-07 11:20:00

 FTTA (Fiber-to-the-Antenna) fiber optic distribution box is used for network access points terminals in the FTTx network. It has inlet and outlet cables pre-connected, eliminating the need for closure opening and fiber splicing. All ports are equipped with hardened adapters. The operators do not need to splice fibers or open boxes during optical distribution network (ODN) deployment, which improves service provisioning efficiency. This article discusses the FTTA fiber optic distribution box.
What is FTTA Fiber Optic Distribution Box?
FTTA fiber optic distribution box is a new economic fiber distributed solution for outdoor use. It is easy to operate and has high compatibility. It is used for wall-mounting, aerial, and holding pole installations.
Featuresand Benefits
● High compatibility: can be assembled ODVA, Mini SC, ODC, H-connector
● Factory-sealed or field assembly
● 1200N pulling force long term
● From 6 to 12 ports for single or multi-fiber waterproof connectors
● Available with PLC or splice sleeve for fiber divide
● IP68 waterproof rating
● Wall mounting, an aerial installation, or holding pole installation
● Meet IEC 61753-1 standard

Application Scenarios
Traditional solutions use ONU or FDH (Optical Network Unit/Fiber Distribution Hub) when trunk optical cable arrives outside mansions and villas. FTTA fiber optic distribution box can replace ONU or FDH because of the fiber distribution function. Inside, it can be fixed 2-4pcs 1*8 or 1*16 PLC and can be put 24pcs fiber splice protection sleeves. After mating with a 1-48F IP67 pre-assembled waterproof connector, the FTTA fiber optic distribution box can directly connect each mansion and villa or low-voltage silo. It can reduce signal loss through the fewer connecting node.
Traditionally, remote radio units (RRU) and building baseband units (BBU) connected by fiber optic cable, formed star network topology. Each RRU needs one duplex outdoor cable link to BBU. The installation will need more time, and the cost will be high. FTTA fiber optic distribution box works as an Aggregation/Demark box, linking RRU and BBU together. From BBU to FTTA fiber optic distribution box, only need one multi-fiber hybrid cable. Then FTTA fiber optic distribution box divides fibers to each RRU through IP67 pre-assembled waterproof cable assemblies. RRU can get power through assembled power connector on the FTTA fiber optic distribution box. It can avoid needless duplication.
3. Trunk Cable Connecting
Trunk cable is fusion welded frequently because each drum cable's length is limited. So connecting point is weak and needs to be protected very well. When the trunk cable comes into the FTTA fiber optic distribution box, it will be sealed and fixed by a torsion-proof cable gland (plastic or metal type). For 5mm/14mm out diameter cable, the FTTA fiber optic distribution box has different accessories to fit.
The torsion gland can release stress when the trunk cable bends and protects fiber to avoid breaking. Inside the FTTA fiber optic distribution box, the main cable and strength member are fixed by a fastener, ensuring that the box can stand 1200N pulling force long term.
4. Military Communication
Connectors and cables cannot stand frequently, and high strength pulling and reuse. Inside the FTTA fiber optic distribution box, armored cable and strength member are fixed by a fastener, so ensure that the box can stand 1200N pulling force long term. High-strength material and arc interface design make sure the FTTA fiber optic distribution box works abnormally when suffering shocks.
FTTA fiber optic distribution box provides waterproof protection for use in harsh environments. It reduces the total cost of operation and has high compatibility and flexibility.
Sun Telecom specializes in providing one-stop total fiber optic solutions for all fiber optic application industries worldwide. Contact us if you have any needs.

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