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FTTR Network: The Ultimate Solution for Home Gigabit WiFi 6 Technology

Date: 2023-08-02 15:40:31

With the continuous acceleration of the transformation process in the digital age, it is the general trend to increase the construction of 5G networks and gigabit optical networks. FTTR (Fiber-to-the-Room) network provides new Gigabit network coverage solutions, which will be one of the technical directions for future Gigabit home broadband upgrades. This article provides some information about FTTR.

What is FTTR?
FTTR refers to the technical method for optical fiber access when the optical fiber is laid to the remote node. In addition, FTTR is a new coverage mode of the home network in the gigabit era and technological evolution and upgrade of home networking. With low latency, high quality, and high stability, FTTR achieves WiFi 6 Gigabit coverage throughout the home.

FTTR  Network Solution
The FTTR network solution is to carry out home networking through optical fiber media, deploy FTTR main gateways in distribution boxes or locations, take the main gateway as the core, and form an FTTR optical network through optical splitters and single-core bidirectional optical fibers.
The FTTR master gateway is connected to the OLT in the uplink and to multiple slave optical routers in the downlink through optical fibers and optical splitters. The optical router supports Gigabit Ethernet ports and Wi-Fi 6 and enters each room through optical fibers to realize wired and wireless connections in each room of home users.
The network management platform is responsible for collecting home network information and summarizing and reporting it to fully realize the operation and maintenance management of the home Gigabit network.


FTTR  Network  Components
1) Main ONU: Connect to OLT uplink through XG(S)-PON or 10G EPON, undertake Gigabit/10G fiber-to-the-home(FTTH) and provide a downlink optical routing interface.
2) Slave ONU: Connect to the master ONU upwards through indoor fiber optic cables, and provide Internet access services for terminals downwards.
3) Optical Splitter: Realize coupling, branching, and distribution of optical signals.
4) Optical Fiber: It has long-distance optical signal transmission, low attenuation, and no electromagnetic interference (EMI). Its bandwidth can continue to evolve to more than 100Gpbs, meeting the demands of future high-bandwidth services. Note: When using the network cable to upgrade FTTR, it is required to use Cat5 or Cat6 network cable for home broadband. If you use a Cat5 network cable, you need 8 cores.
5) Optical Fiber Panel:Complete the access and port output of the dual-core optical fiber, meet the requirements of the bending radius of the optical fiber and provide safety protection for the fiber core.


Benefits of FTTR: Light up a new era of Gigabit
1) Full Coverage: Lay optical fiber to each room and adopt WiFi 6 Internet access technology. The measured speed of each room can reach 1200Mbps. FTTR delivers Gigabit bandwidth to the room.
2) Full Swim: Use intelligent roaming technology to realize non-perceived switching and the delay is less than 20ms.
3) Easy to Manage:  Intelligent management, one-click detection of WiFi network status, and remote repair.
4) Green and Environmental Protection: Using micro-optical fiber instead of network cable, the wiring cost is lower, green, and environmentally friendly.
5) Low Latency: FTTR ensures low latency at the premises and is not disrupted by radio interference. It has a stable signal and high-quality broadband Internet access.

FTTR is used in cloud VR, 4K/8K video, online education, online office, e-sports, smart office, IoT, CCTV, telemedicine, etc.

Looking forward to the future, FTTR can build a leading home information infrastructure for thousands of homes with its technical superiority. It has ultra-gigabit bandwidth, seamless indoor roaming, non-perceptual switching, and an optical network not susceptible to interference.
Sun Telecom specializes in providing one-stop total fiber optic solutions for all fiber optic application industries worldwide. Contact us if you have any needs.

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