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Fiber Optic Network for Data Center Industry Applications

Date: 2022-10-11 16:29:45

The world is counting on high bandwidth to deliver data more and more. Because of this, the data center industry is looking at different ways to keep up with the demand. Fiber optic networks play a crucial role in the data center industry by offering  high bandwidth, high-speed internet access, high reliability, high security, and long distance.


What is Data Center?
A data center is a physical place where data is stored and computed on the network.  The benefits of a data center include high density, high reliability, ease of installation, time-saving, low cost, helping preserve the network’s physical infrastructure, improving the electricity network and backup power system, environmental monitoring and controlling storage management, and storing massive amounts of data, and shared resources.
The core components of data centers consist of computing resources, storage infrastructure, and network infrastructure. Computing resources - applications are the engines of a data center. These servers provide processing, memory, storage, and network connectivity for applications. Storage infrastructure- data storage is a very crucial function of the data center, storing a large amount of terminal data.The network infrastructure connects servers, data center services, storage, and external connectivity to the end-user locations.
The most used type of data centers is enterprise, managed service, colocation, and cloud data centers. Enterprise data centers are built and operated by enterprises to support their data processing and storage needs. Managed services data centers offer aspects such as data storage, computing, and other services as a third party, serving end users directly. Colocation data centers provide infrastructure: buildings, cooling, bandwidth, security, etc, and cloud data is fully virtualized based on cloud computing architecture, for example, enterprises can host data and applications to cloud service providers.


Benefits of Fiber Optic Network in the Data Center Industry
A fiber optic network can provide several benefits over the copper network in data center applications. Some of the benefits include high bandwidth transmissions over longer distances, high reliability, high-speed internet connectivity, high security, low latency, future proof, simpler testing, smaller, immunity to electromagnetic interference, lighter weight, easier to install and maintain, etc.
Network Topology
There are three main data center network topologies in use today such as centralized, zoned, and top of the rack. Sun Telecom uses a centralized network topology for data center solutions. Centralized network topology provides very efficient utilization of port switches and makes it easier to manage and add components. Sun Telecom provides data center solutions to support your growing network needs in the data center, including fiber optic distribution frame (ODF), fiber optic terminal box, MPO/MTP cassette module, MPO/MTP trunk cables, MPO/MTP harness cable, duplex LC-LC patchcord, optical transceiver modules, and more.


Applications of Fiber Optic Network  in Data Center Industry
The following are some significant applications of fiber optic networks in the data center industry where Sun Telecom products are used, telecommunication networks, 5G front-haul, mid-haul, and back-haul applications,CATV networks, energy, government, healthcare, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR),  virtual reality (VR), internet of things (IoT), and more.


Data centers require high reliability, high density, and high bandwidth components that help to preserve the network’s physical infrastructure. However, fiber optic networks can provide several benefits for the data center industry, as data centers migrate to fiber optic networks, Sun Telecom is positioned to support the global market with fiber optic cable and other connectivity solutions for the data center industry.


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