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A Simple Guide to Understanding Network Cabinet

Date: 2024-01-04 12:15:00

A network cabinet plays an essential role in the data center. It is used for organizing routers, patch panels, switches, networking equipment, and accessories. Network cabinet helps improve cable management, physical security, ease of installation, etc. This article provides a simple guide to understanding network cabinets.


What is Network Cabinet?
A network cabinet is a piece of equipment used to combine installation panels, plug-ins, sub-boxes, electronic components, devices, and mechanical parts and components to form an integral installation box. It provides the perfect environment for housing and protecting network infrastructure components. It is particularly suited to the back office and commercial building infrastructure applications.

Types of Network Cabinet
● Wall- Mounted Network Cabinet
A wall-mounted network cabinet is used for all rack-mounted equipment conforming to ANSI/EIA standards. It has a solid and reliable modular steel alloy frame structure for a maximum static load capacity of up to 60 KG, movable aluminum magnesium alloy equipment mounting pillars that can fit different depth equipment, multi-place with cabling passageways for various cabling requirements, and high adaptability(optional wall-mounted or ground-mounted fixing to ease meeting the installation).

● Widened Steel Alloy Network Cabinet
Widened steel alloy network cabinet is used for all rack-mounted equipment conforming to ANSI/ EIA standards. It has a solid modular alloy steel frame, a maximum static load capacity of up to 800 KG, widened cabinet structure design, is equipped with vertical cable ducts to orderly lay a large volume of cables, and movable aluminum magnesium alloy equipment mounting pillars for different depth equipment.

● Outdoor Network Cabinet
An outdoor network cabinet is used for connections between cabling elements. It has heat insulation, water-proof and dust-proof performance, good corrosion resistance, and 19-inch equipment mounted.

A network cabinet is used in the copper network, FTTH access networks, telecommunication networks, CATV networks, local area networks, data centers, etc.


Things to Look Out for When Choosing a Network Cabinet 
● Access: Different equipment has different access points. Therefore, your network cabinet should provide several access points for the various devices. Make sure you understand the equipment you need to store in your rank and their usage in and out. You can only determine that you require a cabinet rank that can open on the side, back, or front.
● Weight: The network cabinet should not be too bulky that you cannot lift it when setting it up or in case you need to move it. However, it should be the perfect weight to hold all your equipment without collapsing due to the weight of the equipment.
● Dimensions:  It is wise to choose a rack with physical characteristics that are appropriate for you. Consider the room's square footage and the size of the equipment that will be housed inside the cabinet.
● Available space: When setting it up or relocating it, the network cabinet shouldn't be so heavy that you can't lift it. It should, however, be the ideal weight to support all of your equipment without collapsing under its weight of it.

When you are designing a data center, deciding which network cabinet to deploy should be put in the first place. The right one that meets your installation demand can help you improve power protection, cooling, cable management, and physical security.
Sun Telecom specializes in providing one-stop total fiber optic solutions for all fiber optic application industries worldwide. We are devoted to not only meeting the need of customers but; also providing our customers with basic and in-depth knowledge about fiber optic products and solutions through articles. Contact us if you have any needs.


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