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CEO of Sun Telecom was invited to The Live Interview of National Two Sessions

Date: 2021-03-03 17:54:00

The "Two Sessions" are the collective name for the National People's Congress (NPC) of the People's Republic of China and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference that have been held over the years since 1959. 
On March 3, Caesara Niu, director of China Association for Small & Medium Commercial Enterprises and CEO of Sun Telecom, was invited to the live interview of the 2021 National Two Sessions hosted by the China Association for Small & Medium Commercial Enterprises. The topic was on exploring business opportunities in the fiber optic communications industry during the Two Sessions. In the live interview, Caesara Niu expressed her views on the role of fiber optic communications industry in China's new infrastructure, the impact of COVID-19 and the opportunities of 5G era.

The "Two Sessions" Live Room: Explore Business Opportunities in the Fiber Optic Communication Industry

Sun Telecom is a Fiber Optic Total Solutions provider, serving customers from over 130 countries and regions. Sun Telecom is devoted to meeting the needs of customers to the greatest extent by providing "Systematic, Customized, End-to-end, One-stop" fiber optic total solutions and products for worldwide customers. Sun Telecom offers complete fiber optic solutions and products for various fields such as Telecom (FTTH, 4G/5G Mobile Stations, etc.), ISP, Cable Television and Broadcast, Surveillance and Monitoring (Smart City, Smart Home, etc.), Computing Networks, Data Centers (Cloud Computing, Big Data, IoT, etc.), Industrial Control, Intelligent Manufacturing (Industrial 4.0), Fiber Optic Sensing, etc.
Application Fields of Sun Telecom's Fiber Optic Total Solutions


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