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Comprehensive Introduction to Fiber Cassette

Date: 2023-10-23 17:07:00

Fiber cassette is an integral part of cable management in the data center. It provides ease of management, high flexibility, and time-saving. This article provides a comprehensive introduction to fiber optic cassettes.


What is a Fiber Cassette?
A fiber cassette is a type of networking device for effective cable management. It offers integrating splicing solutions and patch cords into a compact package, thereby realizing simple access to the adapters and connectors.

Just taking rack-mounted fiber cassette as an example, it is usually used in data centers. Rack-mounted fiber cassette is typically a standard 19 inches, and it can vary in height, including 1 RU, 2 RU, 3 RU, 4 RU, etc.
Fiber Cassette Types
Fiber cassette is divided into the use case, front panel, and fiber termination.

Use Case
According to the use case, 1RU rack-mounted fiber cassette is divided into three types: clamshell, sliding, and rotational fiber cassettes. Clamshell fiber cassette is the earliest type of fiber cassette, has a low price but is not easy to use. Sliding and rotational fiber cassettes have a higher price because they are easier to install and maintain cables inside the cassette. Instead of removing the cassettes from the rack to handle the cable, the user can simply pull or unscrew the cassette tray.

Front Panel
As we all know that fiber adapter is an essential component of a fiber cassette and it is usually installed on the front panel of the fiber cassette. According to the front panel, fiber cassette is divided into two types: fixed and not fixed fiber cassette.  The front panel fixed fiber cassette is standard 19 inches and the number of fiber adapters on it is usually fixed. While the front panel not fixed fiber cassette can install 3 or even 5 detachable fiber adapters, and it is widely used for high-density cabling, and flexible cable management.

Fiber Termination
According to the fiber termination method, fiber cassette is divided into types: pigtail fusion splicing and pre-termination fiber cassette. Inside the pigtail fusion splicing fiber cassette, there is a fiber splicing tray, which is used for the management and placement of spliced fibers on the working site. While inside the pre-termination fiber cassette, there are only spools for managing the fiber optic cables, which eliminates the step of fiber termination on the working site and saves installation time and labor costs.

Features and Benefits
Fiber cassette provides high density, high capacity, high compatibility, low insertion loss, easy installation and operation, versatility, and ease of deployment.

Fiber cassette is used in data centers, FTTH access networks, telecommunication networks, CATV networks, local area networks (LAN), etc.

Fiber cassette provides a unique structured cabling requirement to simplify the complexity of cable management and save time and labor costs. Sun Telecom specializes in providing one-stop total fiber optic solutions for all fiber optic application industries worldwide. Contact us if any needs.

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