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Sun Telecom's Innovation Empowerment Center was Officially Launched

Date: 2023-11-07 11:06:00

 In order to further improve technology and innovation capabilities, Sun Telecom Innovation Empowerment Center was officially launched on November 2.


Sun Telecom Innovation Empowerment Center Launching Ceremony

Sun Telecom CEO Caesara Niu, International Business CEO Tin Xiong, TS (Technical Support Team) members Page Wang and Zhang Qi, founder of the Keji6 Platform Chen Peng, Vice President He Yanchao and others attended the ceremony.

Caesara Niu, the CEO of Sun Telecom, emphasized in her speech that establishing the Innovation Empowerment Center is an important step for Sun Telecom's innovation and development. She highlighted how deep integration can enable companies to achieve the entire process of technological innovation, improve their technological level and innovation capabilities, and lay a strong foundation for future growth. She expressed optimism about the collaboration between Sun Telecom and Keji6, expressing her hope for both parties to work together and create a bright future.


Cesara NiuDelivering a Speech

Chen Peng, founder of the Keji6 platform, elaborated on the background and significance of this cooperation in his speech, emphasizing the complementary advantages and shared vision of both parties. He stated that the cooperation between Keji6 and Sun Telecom will drive Sun Telecom's technological innovation and product upgrades, and he hopes that both parties can achieve win-win results in the cooperation and jointly promote the development of the industry.


Chen PengDelivering a Speech

Sun Telecom and Keji6 engaged in in-depth exchanges and communications regarding strategic planning for the next three years, industry-university research, intellectual property, and other matters. Both parties actively expressed their personal opinions and views, further strengthening their ties and willingness to cooperate. Through this exchange, both parties gained understanding and plan for future cooperation and are more confident in the prospects of their collaboration. At the same time, both parties also stated their commitment to working together to promote industry-university research cooperation, aiming to develop deeper and broader collaboration across various fields.

Sun Telecom is a Fiber Optic Total Solutions provider, serving customers from over 130 countries and regions. Sun Telecom is devoted to meeting the needs of customers to the greatest extent by providing "Systematic, Customized, End-to-end, One-stop" fiber optic total solutions and products for worldwide customers. We offer complete fiber optic solutions and products for various fields such as Telecom (FTTH, 4G/5G Mobile Stations, etc.), ISP, Cable Television and Broadcast, Surveillance and Monitoring (Smart City, Smart Home, etc.), Computing Networks, Data Centers (Cloud Computing, Big Data, IoT, etc.), Industrial Control, Intelligent Manufacturing (Industrial 4.0), Fiber Optic Sensing, etc.


Application Fields of Sun Telecom's Fiber Optic Total Solutions

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