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Getting to Know OPPC Fiber Optic Cable

Date: 2022-11-23 11:35:00

OPPC cable is an alternative aerial self-supporting solution when OPGW or ADSS cable cannot be used.The cable is used in power transmission lines, due to its excellent performance in low and medium-voltage electrical networks.This article will provide some knowledge of OPPC cable. 

What is OPPC Cable?
An optical phase Conductor (OPPC) cable is a fiber optic cable with dual functions of power transmission line and communication. OPPC Cable is designed for aerial self-supporting applications at short, medium, and long-span distances. The basic construction of OPPC is similar to conventional OPGW, only it is designed to simulate the mechanical and electrical characteristics of the phase wire it replaces. Unlike OPGW, where the cable is not carrying continuous current, OPPC is energized along high-voltage power lines. Therefore it requires specially adapted splice boxes and insulators to accommodate the live line conditions. 
The OPPC cable stainless steel tube structure is surrounded by single or double layers of aluminum clad steel wires(ACS) or mixes ACS wires and aluminum alloy wires aluminum wires/aluminum alloy wires optical fibers.


Features and Benefits
● Replace one or more of the traditional transmission wires with a stainless steel tube and strand the tube with AS/steel wires and AL/AA wires.
● Use OPPC cable to replace one phase in the three-phase power system to form a transmission line composed of two wires and one OPPC.
● OPPC cable can meet durative high-temperature resistant, which was verified by temperature cycling test.
● There is no serious accident of strand breakage or fiber breakage caused by lightning on the ground wire, the OPPC cable operation is safer.
● OPPC cable is installed in the phase line to optimize the design of the power transmission line, and the effect of saving energy is significant.
● OPPC cable provides the optical path of the cable and is resistant to traction.
● OPPC cable provides a high transmission capacity, high communication quality, and high reliability.
● Suitable for any type of fiber optic cable, single-mode or multi-mode.

OPPC cable is used in voltage levels below 110kV, suburban power distribution networks, building distribution automation stations, and rural power grids.


OPPC is typically used in overhead power lines without ground wires, where OPGW or ADSS cables cannot be installed. OPPC cable provides good safety performance, long service life, and is not easily subjected to destructive shootings. Sun Telecom provides all OPPC cable products and solutions to the global market.

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