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Understanding Fiber Optic Bundle

Date: 2022-12-08 17:11:00

A fiber optic bundle is designed to transmit light or image in the visible region of the spectrum. This article is going to introduce fiber optic bundles, and it is configuration examples, benefits, and applications. 

What is a Fiber Optic Bundle?
A  fiber optic bundle is the assembly of multiple optical fibers. The fibers of the bundle are usually held together at one end and may be separated into multiple branches at the other end. fiber optic bundle provides significantly more light throughout compared to a single optical fiber in a patchcord.


Configuration Examples
The most common configuration examples of fiber optic bundles are bifurcated, straight, and fan-out fiber optic bundles. A bifurcated fiber optic bundle has two fibers side-by-side in the common end and breaks out into two legs at the other end. Straight fiber optic bundle includes one input and output. In this configuration, bundles can take a large number of geometries with linear, hexagonal, round, array disposal, etc, and the fan-out fiber optic bundle consists of four high-grade optical fibers. They are arranged in a round or linear configuration at one end of the cable, which fans out into four legs with a single fiber in each.


The fiber optic bundle provides flexibility in light distribution and management, greater mechanical flexibility,  high throughput, and high position precision.

Fiber optic bundle is widely used in spectroscopy, process control, petrochemical, aerospace, military, laser power delivery, automotive industry, medicine, energy, environmental protection, scientific research, sensors and probes, monitoring, colorimetry, pyrometry, fluorescence, illumination, chemical analysis, etc.

A fiber optic bundle is assembled of thin optical fibers and has high flexibility. Their flexibility allows the connection of separate mutually movable elements and facilitates the laying of a network of light guide channels inside devices and mechanisms. Sun Telecom provides fiber optic bundle to the global market.


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