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ADSS Cable Fittings: How Much Do You Know?

Date: 2023-10-09 09:57:00

 With the construction of the network, the demand for All-dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) cable fittings is also increasing. They are used to fix ADSS cables to the pole and tower sides. What are the types of ADSS cable fittings? Next, briefly introduce ADSS cable and types of ADSS cable fittings.
What is ADSS Cable?
ADSS cable is strong enough to support itself between structures without using conductive metal elements. It is ideal for installation in aerial transmission and distribution power lines environments.
As its name indicates, there is no support or messenger wire required, so installation is achieved in a single pass, making ADSS cable an economical and simple means of building a fiber optic network.
Types of  ADSS Cable Fittings
(1)Tension Clamp
The tension clamp bears the tension strength, connecting the ADSS cable to the pole or tower. Stress is distributed without an intensive stress pivot, aluminum-clad steel wires rod against corrosion and improve the mechanical properties.
Wedge-type tension clamp is made of one opened conical fiberglass reinforced body, a pair of plastic wedges, and a flexible bail. It allows an easy and quick securing of ADSS cable on short spans. Span up to 100 meters.
(2)Suspension Clamp
A suspension clamp is used to suspend the ADSS cable. It has a simple structure and is easy to install, stress is distributed in the large touching area, and preformed armor rods are optional for short spans (100m).
A double suspension clamp with preformed armor rods is used to suspend the ADSS cable. It is mainly used on long-span rivers and valleys with a large drop in the level and has aluminum alloy rods against corrosion and improves mechanical properties.
J hook suspension clamp is designed to provide a suspension for aerial ADSS cable at intermediate poles on cable routes on the access network. Span up to 100 meters. It is easy, quick, and safe installation, galvanized steel material, against rust and corrosion.
(3)Spiral Vibration Damper
The spiral vibration damper is made of high strength, aging resistance, high elasticity, and modified PVC materials. It can effectively reduce the vibration caused by the laminar flow on ADSS cable.
(4)Corona Coil
Corona coils are made of aluminum alloy, intended to reduce electrical stress at the end of the metal rods of tension clamp and suspension clamp applied on ADSS cables installed in high voltage electrical fields.
(5)Lead Down Clamp
Lead down clamp is used to fasten cables on the pole or tower to protect them from shaking and abrasion. It is a reliable, convenient, and fast installation and electro-insulating rubber type.
(6)Pole Clamp
A Pole clamp is used for the connection of the tension clamp and suspension clamp on the pole. It has hot dip galvanized surface treatment, against rust and corrosion.
(7)Tower Clamp
The tower clamp is used for the connection of the tension clamp and suspension clamp on the tower. It has hot dip galvanized surface treatment and is against rust and corrosion.
(8)Cable Storage Rack
The cable storage rack is used to store surplus cable. It has hot dip galvanized surface treatment and is against rust and corrosion.
(9)Aluminum Pole Bracket
The aluminum pole bracket has aluminum alloy and multi-points to fix the tension clamp, which is available for wooden or concrete poles.
(10)Metal Splice ClosureMetal splice closure is used to fusion and protection of splicing point. It has prompt, easy, and convenient installation, good sealing performance, high strength AL-alloy, High mechanical strength, can be reused, easy to rejoin and expand capacity.
The ADSS cable fittings have no damage to the fiber optic cable under various environmental conditions. The correct ADSS cable fitting is determined by the cable outer diameter and the span length that needs to be covered.
Sun Telecom specializes in providing one-stop total fiber optic solutions for all fiber optic application industries worldwide. Contact us if you have any needs.

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