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Basic Knowledge About Tube bundle

Date: 2023-10-30 16:49:00

Tube bundle has a crush and tensile strength to protect fiber optic cable, flexibility, and ease to bend or fix inside of cabinet or closure. This article will provide some knowledge of tube bundles. 

What is Tube Bundle?
A tube bundle is also known as a protected micro-duct. This type of duct comprises a number of micro ducts that are loosely or tightly packed together and jacketed, in much the same way as an optical cable without the fiber. One way or several ways micro ducts are made into tube bundles with outer sheathing based on a certain combination order, which can accommodate more pipeline resources within the limited space.

Tube Bundle Types
The tube bundle is divided into DB (direct bury) and DI(direct installation).
1. DB Tube Bundle: The outer sheath is rugged high-density polyethylene HDPE providing excellent protection from the physical environment. An Aluminum layer is added to provide additional strength (silicone-coated ducts, water-blocking tape, aluminum or fabric installed, two layers of sheath,  tracer wire, and ripcords installed).

2. DI Tube Bundle: The micro ducts are surrounded by a layer of moisture-barrier metallic or non-metallic tape and a flexible sheath of black HDPE. DI ducts can be installed in pre-existing pipes or sub-ducts.

Features and Benefits
● The outer diameter of the micro duct is from 5 to 18mm

● The inner wall is a smooth structure with a silicon layer which can effectively reduce the friction coefficient of the inner wall
● Can be used to enlarge the capacity of existing pipelines and realize the maximization of pipeline capacity
● Crush and tensile strength
● Convenient in construction, save time and the project cost

The tube bundle is surrounded by a single thin HDPE sheath. The design makes the tube bundle suitable for installation in outdoor direct buried or other existing ducts. In addition, tube bundle is used in FTTX networks.
Tube bundle is a great way of getting the most versatility out of your current empty duct system. It has good mechanical performance to provide adequate protection for fiber optic cable. Sun Telecom  provides tube bundles to the global market.

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