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FTTH Network: A Future-Proof Solution for Access Network Application

Date: 2023-06-09 11:36:00

 Demand for high bandwidth services by end users continues to grow rapidly. To meet current and future demand for services, such as internet TV, 4K/8K video, online gaming, VR/AR, and IoT, operators are deploying  FTTH (Fiber-to-the-Home) to the consumer’s home or business. It provides low latency, high reliability, and high-speed internet connections. This article provides some information about FTTH.
What is FTTH?
FTTH is the installation and use of optical fiber, passive optical network (PON) technology, and GEPON from a central office (CO) directly to individual buildings such as homes, apartment buildings, businesses, and schools by providing high-speed internet access. It increases connection speeds and reliability for broadband networks compared to copper.
How Does FTTH Network Work?
The FTTH network is realized with an ODN (Optical Distribution Network). It is the network between the OLT (Optical Line Terminal) in the CO and the ONU (Optical Network Unit) in the end-users house. Therefore, ODN provides a transmission channel between the data center and end users.
An ODN network is divided into three subsystems in 3 colors: the backbone optical cable, distribution optical cable, and access optical cable terminal subsystems. In ODN, the optical cable network is the essential infrastructure to handle all the information transmission. Fiber optic cable in the FTTH network includes backbone, distribution, and FTTH drop cables.
In addition, the ODN is also composed of various fiber optics products such as ODF, fiber patch panel, fiber cabinet, fiber splice closure, fiber optic distribution box, etc.
FTTH Network Architectures
The FTTH network architectures are active optical networks (AON) and passive optical networks (PON). AON is a point-to-point (P2P) network structure covering powered switching equipment(router, switch aggregator). PON is a point-to-multipoint (P2MP) network structure that one fiber feeds many without powered electrical devices.
FTTH Network Components
1. OLT: OLT in a PON system, located in the CO, is the interface to the subscriber and provides the subscribed services.
2. ONU: Converts optical signals transmitted via fibers to electrical signals.
3. Optical Network Terminal (ONT): ONT electronics are generally located on subscriber premises, basically the same device as ONU.
4. Splitter: Passive device that splits the light source in separate paths in a PON system.
Why FTTH Network is a Promising Future Solution?
FTTH network can provide unlimited bandwidth with a long reach. With the development of technology, video applications such as video streaming, IPTV, high-quality video conferencing, smart home, IP video home surveillance, and games are gradually permeating people's daily lives leading to demand for bandwidth. At present, only the optical network can assume responsibility.
FTTH network provides high reliability. The transmission performance of DSL(Digital Subscriber Line) is subject to random noise or crosstalk, while optical fiber is immune to EMI (Electromagnetic Interference), which improves the overall throughput. Furthermore, fiber optic cables in FTTH installation are safer than DSL or coaxial cable. In addition, the FTTH network provides cost-effective, low latency, future-proof, added value services, and easy and fast installation.
FTTH is used in home/business, internet TV, VoIP, VR / AR games, 4K / 8K ultra-high definition video, VPN on broadband, virtual private LAN service, remote education, remote work, smart home, telemedicine, etc.
FTTH network is considered the best technology to handle consumer network demands in the current and future because of its high bandwidth, high-speed internet connection, and high reliability.
Sun Telecom specializes in providing one-stop total fiber optic solutions for all fiber optic application industries worldwide. Contact us if you have any needs.

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