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SUN-TK200S-I Fiber Optic Tool Kit

Model: SUN-TK200S-I

Suitable for polishing FC ⁄ SC ⁄ ST ⁄ LC connectors

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  • Sun Telecom's SUN-TK200S-I economic fiber optic tool kit is designed for polishing FC/SC/ST/LC connectors (Fiber optic heat oven not included).
  • Standard Package
    No Name Model Picture Description Quantity
    1 Fiber Optic Stripper SUN-FOT-101 Used for removing 2.0/3.0mm jackets 1
    2 Fiber Optic Stripper SUN-FOT-103 Used for removing coatings, buffers, and up to 3.0mm jackets 1
    3 Fiber Optic Crimper SUN-FOT-104P Used for crimping a variety of fiber optic connector parts (hexagon) 1
    4 Fiber Optic Cable Slitter SUN-FOT-201 Used for slitting central tubes and 2.0/3.0mm jackets 1
    5 Fiber Optic Cable Slitter SUN-FOT-203-1 Used for longitudinally or crosswise slitting cable outer jackets with 3.2 ~ 25mm diameters 1
    6 Fiber Optic Cleaning Swab SUN-FOT-304-2 2.5mm, sponge head; Used for cleaning adaptor sleeves or ferrule holes of polishing trays; 1pack (100pcs) 1
    7 Fiber Optic Cleaning Wipe SUN-FOT-305 IPA fiber cleaning wipes (Pre-moistened); 1pack (10pcs) 1
    8 Fiber Optic Cleaning Wipe SUN-FOT-307 Dust-free KimWipes, 1box (280pcs) 1
    9 Fiber End-face Cleaner SUN-FOT-310 Used for cleaning fiber optic connectors 1
    10 Kevlar Scissors SUN-FOT-403 Used for cutting Kevlar 1
    11 Syringe SUN-FOT-405-1 Apply to Semi-automatic Epoxy Injection Machine; 3ml, 1pack (10pcs) 1
    12 Piano Wire SUN-FOT-407   Used for pushing the broken fiber out of the ferrule, 1box (3pcs) 1
    13 Tweezers SUN-FOT-409   1
    14 Bottle SUN-FOT-411-100 Used to contain alcohol (Alcohol not included), 100ml 1
    15 Glasses SUN-FOT-413   1
    16 Tape SUN-FOT-414   1
    17 Optical Fiber Scriber SUN-FOT-415-S Blade material: tungsten steel 1
    18 Knife SUN-FOT-420   1
    19 Mark Pen SUN-FOT-421 Black 1
    20 Bottle SUN-FOT-426-60 Spray water bottle, 60ml 1
    21 Fiber Optic Microscope SUN-HMS400 400X, 2.5mm UPC universal male adaptor and 1.25mm UPC universal male adaptor included 1
    22 Polishing Tray SUN-HPD-250   2.5mm ferrule universal handheld polishing tray 1
    23 Polishing Tray SUN-HPD-ALC   LC/APC connector handheld polishing tray (after assembly) 1
    24 Polishing Pad SUN-HPD-RP   Rubber, square 1
    25 Polishing Pad SUN-HPD-GP   Glass, square 1
    26 Polishing Film SUN-PM-F05-S   0.5um, 140 x 113mm, used for hand polishing, 1pack (10pcs) 1
    27 Polishing Film SUN-PM-F1-S   1um, 140 x 113mm, used for hand polishing, 1pack (10pcs) 1
    28 Polishing Film SUN-PM-F5-S   5um, 140 x 113mm, used for hand polishing, 1pack (10pcs) 1
    29 Parts Box       1
    30 Tool Case     430 x 330 x 135mm 1
    Note: Since not suitable for transportation, EPO-TEK 353ND Epoxy is not included in the tool kits and users need to purchase locally. The product pictures are just for your reference.
  • Model Name Description
    SUN-TK200S-I Fiber Optic Tool Kit Suitable for polishing FC/SC/ST/LC connectors (Fiber optic heat oven not included)

  • ● FTTx Project
    ● Connector Polishing

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