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SUN-PM100L Fiber Optic Polishing Machine

Model: SUN-PM100L

Suitable for mass production

    Key Features

  • Good polishing performance
  • Easy operation
  • FC, SC, LC connector polishing tray are optional
  • Stainless steel body, sturdy and durable
  • Description
  • Specifications
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  • Applications
  • FAQ
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  • Sun Telecom's SUN-PM100L fiber optic polishing machine is a four corner pressure type (pressurized by the spring on four corners) polishing machine. It can polish several fiber optic connectors at one time. With the features of simple operation, high accuracy, high flexibility, and good consistency, Sun Telecom’s polishing machine is widely used in fiber optic patchcord production line.
  • Specifications
    Parameters Specification
    Polishing Pad Dimensions 5"
    Power Supply AC 220V
    Dimensions (mm) 230 (L) x 230 (W) x 255 (H)
    Weight (kg) 23
    Standard Package

    No. Name Unit Quantity
    1 Fiber Optic Polishing Machine set 1
    2 Power Cable piece 1
    3 Patchcord Holder piece 1
    4 USB Disk piece 1
    Optional Accessories

    No Model Name Picture Description Quantity
    1 SUN-PM100L-FC-20 Polishing Tray Can polish 20pcs of FC/PC connectors after assembly 1
    2 SUN-PM100L-AFC-18 Polishing Tray Can polish 18pcs of FC/APC connectors (conical ferrule) after assembly 1
    3 SUN-PM100L-SC-20 Polishing Tray Can polish 20pcs of SC/PC connectors after assembly 1
    4 SUN-PM100L-ASC-18   Polishing Tray Can polish 18pcs of SC/APC connectors  (conical ferrule) after assembly 1
    5 SUN-PM100L-LC-24 Polishing Tray Can polish 24pcs of LC/PC connectors after assembly 1
    6 SUN-PM100L-ALC-20  Polishing Tray Can polish 20pcs of LC/APC connectors after assembly 1

  • Model Name Description
    SUN-PM100L Fiber Optic Polishing Machine Suitable for mass production; Method of pressurization: pressing from the four corners; Polishing trays not included

  • ● Fiber optic patchcord production line

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