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SUN-TK200P-I Fiber Optic Tool Kit

Model: SUN-TK200P-I

Suitable for polishing FC ⁄ SC ⁄ ST ⁄ LC connectors

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  • Easy to carry
  • All kinds of tools
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  •  Sun Telecom’s SUN-TK200P-I fiber optic tool kit is designed for polishing FC/SC/ST/LC connectors.
  • Item No. Product Name Qty
    1 Fiber optic stripper 1PC
    2 KEVLAR Scissor (KC-1) 1PC
    3 Carbide Scribe Tool 1PC
    4 Fiber Jacket Stripper 1PC
    5 Universal Connector Crimp Tool 1PC
    6 IDEAL 45-162 Buffer Tube Stripper 1PC
    7 Round Cable Jacket Stripper 1PC
    8 400x Deluxe Fiber Microscope 1PC
    9 1.25mm Adapter for 400x Microscope 1PC
    10 Fiber Optic Cassette Cleaner 1PC
    11 4-IN-1 Magnetic Quick Change Screw Driver 1PC
    12 Precision Tweezers 1PC
    13 24 Port Connector Hot Oven (AC110v or AC220v) 1PC
    14 Pointer Thermometer for Hot Oven 1PC
    15 3M Safety Glasses 1PC
    16 Epoxy Application Syringe 3ml 10PCS
    17 Flexible Piano Wire 3PCS
    18 5µm Polish Film-10sheets 1PKG
    19 1µm Polish Film-10sheets 1PKG
    20 0.5µm Polish Film-10sheets 1PKG
    21 2.5mm Universal Polish Puck 1PC
    22 1.25mm Polish Puck 1PC
    23 Rubber Polish Pad 1PC
    24 Glass Polish Plate 1PC
    25 Large Black Work Mat 1PC
    26 Dust-free Cloth,  7.5*7.5cm, 30 pcs/package 1PKG
    27 Kim Wipes 280 piece/box 1PC
    28 Cleaning Swabs 50PCS
    29 100ml Alcohol Dispensing Bottle with Locked 1PC
    30 3M Electrician Tape 1PC
    31 60ml Spray Bottle 1PC
    32 Utility Knife 1PC
    33 Utility Component Box 1PC
    34 Black Marker 1PC
    35 Carrying Case(430×330×135mm) 1PC

    Since not suitable for transportation, EPO-TEK 353ND Epoxy is not included in the tools kits and users need to purchase locally.
    The product picture is just for your reference and the color of the product may be a little different from that of the picture.

  • Model Name Description
    SUN-TK200P-I Fiber Optic Tool Kit Suitable for polishing FC/SC/ST/LC connectors

  • ● FTTx Project
    ● Connector Polishing

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