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SUN-QFAC-P Fast Connector


Pre-embedded, SC/FC/LC optional

    Key Features

  • Pre-embedded fiber and pre-polished ceramic ferrule, excellent optical performance
  • Easy operation
  • Over 98% success rate
  • More than 5 times for re-assembling
  • Life span over 15 years
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  • Sun Telecom's SUN-QFAC-P pre-embedded fast connector is easy to operate and carry. It is widely used in FTTH projects. 
  • Parameters Specification
    Applicable Cable 3.0 x 2.0mm drop cable or 0.9mm round cable (2.0, 3.0mm round cable are optional)
    Fiber Diameter (um) 125
    Tight Fiber Diameter (um) 250
    Fiber Type SM/MM
    Average Insertion Loss (dB) ≤ 0.25
    Return Loss (dB ) ≥ 50 (SM UPC)
    ≥ 60 (SM APC)
    ≥ 35 (MM)
    Tensile Strength (N) 30 (10 for 0.9mm round cable)
    Operating Temperature ( ) -20 ~ +75
    Vibration and Impaction at 500 Times △IL≤ 0.25dB
    △RL≤ 5dB

  • Example: SUN-QFAC-AFC32-SM-P
    Pre-embedded type, FC/APC; Applicable for 3.0 x 2.0mm drop cable; Single mode 9/125um

  • ● FTTH Project
    ● Cabling system

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