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OM5 Wideband Multimode Fiber Optic Patch Cords


    Key Features

  • Low insertion loss
  • High return loss
  • Good repeatability
  • High temperature stability
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  •  Sun Telecom's OM5 wideband multimode fiber optic patch cord optimized for multi-wavelengths transmission systems operating in the range of 850-950 nm, enabling optimal support of emerging Shortwave Wavelength Division Multiplexing (SWDM) applications that reduce parallel fiber count by at least a factor of four to allow continued use of just two fibers (rather than eight) for transmitting 40 Gb/s (up to 400m) and 100 Gb/s (up to 150m) and reduced fiber counts for higher speeds.

  • OM5 Fiber Specification
    Parameters Specifications
    Geometrical Characteristics
    Core Diameter (um) 50±2.5
    Core Non-Circularity (%) ≤5.0
    Cladding Diameter (um) 125.0±0.8
    Cladding Non-Circularity (%) ≤0.6
    Coating Diameter (um) 245±7
    Coating/Cladding Concentricity Error (um) ≤10.0
    Coating Non-Circularity (%) ≤6.0
    Core/cladding Concentricity Error (um) ≤1.0
    Optical Characteristics
    Attenuation  (dB/km) 850nm ≤2.4
    953nm ≤1.7
    1300nm ≤0.6
    Overfilled Modal Bandwidth ( 850nm ≥3500
    953nm ≥1850
    1300nm ≥500
    Effective Modal Bandwidth ( 850nm ≥4700
    953nm ≥2470
    Application Support Distance (m) 40&100 Gigabit Ethernet @ 850nm 200
    10GBASE-SR @850nm 600
    1000BASE-SX @850nm 1100
    Group Refractive Index 850nm 1.482
    1300nm 1.477
    Zero Dispersion Wavelength (nm) 1297-1328
    Macro Bending Loss (dB) 2 turns @15mm radius ≤0.1 @850nm
    ≤0.3 @1300nm
    2 turns @7.5mm radius ≤0.2 @850nm
    ≤0.5 @1300nm

    Patch Cords Specification
    Parameters Specifications
    Fiber Type OM5
    Return Loss (dB) ≥35
    Insertion Loss (dB) <0.3
    Connector Type LC/UPC or SC/UPC
    Fiber Cores Simplex or Duplex
    Fiber Jacket PVC or LSZH
    Cable Length (m) 1, 2, 10, 30, or customize
    Insert-pull Times (time) 1000
    Repeatability (dB) ≤0.1
    Tensile Strength (kg) ≥10
    Operating Temperature (℃) -40~ +85

  • ● SWDM transceiver
    ● Telecom network 
    ● Data transmission network
    ● CATV, LAN & Access Network

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