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SUN-TK400S Fiber Optic Tool Kit

Model: SUN-TK400S

Suitable for fiber end face inspection and cleaning

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  •  Sun Telecom’s SUN-TK400S fiber optic tool kit is designed for fiber end face inspection and cleaning.
  • Item No. Product Name Qty
    1 Fibertool Cassette Cleaner 1PC
    2 Reel of Replacement 1PC
    3 400X Hand Held Fiber Microscope 1PC
    4 1.25mm Fiber Optic Cleaning Stick 20PCS
    5 LED Inspection Flashlight 1PC
    6 250ml Bottle of Alcohol with Locked 1PC
    7 Fiber Cleaning Wipes 7.5×7.5cm, 50pcs/pkg 1PKG
    8 Ergonomic One-Click Cleaner (SC/ST/FC ) 1PC
    9 Ergonomic One-Click Cleaner (LC/MU ) 1PC
    10 2.5mm Fiber Optic Cleaning Stick 50PCS
    11 Carrying Tool Bag(230×160×150mm) 1PC
    The product picture is just for your reference and the color of the product may be a little different from that of the picture.

  • Model Name Description
    SUN-TK400S Fiber Optic Tool Kit Suitable for fiber end face inspection and cleaning

  • ● FTTx Project
    ● Fiber end face Inspection and Cleaning 

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