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Variable Attenuation


Attenuation Value 0~30dB; FC female to female Adaptor type (bulkhead type), SM

    Key Features

  • Small volume and light weight
  • Low insertion loss (≤0.3dB)
  • Stable and reliable attenuation value
  • Attenuation value from 0 to 30dB continuously adjustable
  • No wavelength limit
  • Description
  • Specifications
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  • Applications
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  •   Sun Telecom’s Variable attenuation is a kind of optical passive components to attenuate the optical power. Its types including FC/PC-FC/PC, FC/APC-FC/APC, and they can be used together with the connectors
  • Parameters Specification
    Attenuation Value (dB) 0-30
    Adaptor Type FC/APC female to female
    Type SM
    Working Temperature -25°C~+75°C
    Storage Temperature -40°C~+ 85°C

  • Model Name Description
    SUN-AFC030-FF Variable Attenuation Variable Attenuation Value 0~30dB; FC/APC female to female Adaptor type (bulkhead type), SM
    SUN-FC030-SM-FF Variable Attenuation  Variable Attenuation Value 0~30dB; FC female to female Adaptor type (bulkhead type), SM

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    ● Telecommunication Networks 
    ● Local Area Networks (LAN)
    ● Video & CATV
    ● Fiber to the home  

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