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SUN-OPM80 Optical Power Meter

Model: SUN-OPM80

FC, cost-effective

    Key Features

  • User self-calibration function
  • Power measurements in dBm or mW
  • Auto power off after 10 minutes without operation
  • Standard FC portor customizable FC/SC/ST interchangeable port
  • Backlight LCD display for night operation
  • Description
  • Specifications
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  • Applications
  • FAQ
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  •  Sun Telecom’s SUN-OPM80 series of handheld optical power meter provides testing for 6 output wavelengths. It is a cost-effective testing solution for the fiber optic network together with a light source.
  • Specifications
    Parameters Specification
    Model SUN-OPM80-TC SUN-OPM80-BC
    Wavelengths (nm) 800~1700
    Detector Type InGaAs
    Optical Interface FC port (default) or FC/SC/ST interchangeable port (customized)
    Measurement Range (dBm) -70~6 -50~26
    Uncertainty ±5%
    Calibrated Wavelengths (nm) 850/980/1300/1310/1490/1550
    Display Resolution (dB) 0.01
    Alkaline Battery 3*AA 1.5V
    Battery Operation Time (Hours) 130
    Auto Power off Time (min) 10
    Operation Temperature (°C) -10~60
    Storage Temperature (°C) -25~70
    Dimensions (mm) 152(L) x 74(W) x 26(H)
    Weight (g) 160
    Standard Accessories

    No. Product Unit Quantity
    1 Optical Power Meter set 1
    2 AA 1.5V Battery pieces 3
    3 Cleaning Swabs pack 1
    4 Soft Bag piece 1

  • Model Name Description
    SUN-OPM80-TC Optical Power Meter Handheld, 850/980/1300/1310/1490/1550nm; Measurement range: -70~+6dBm; FC port
    SUN-OPM80-BC Optical Power Meter Handheld, 850/980/1300/1310/1490/1550nm; Measurement range: -50~+26dBm; FC port

  • ● Telecommunication networks
    ● CATV networks
    ● Other fiber optic networks
    ● Education and research in optical communication

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