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Fixed Adaptor Type Attenuators


LC, SC, ST, FC and MU; 1-10dB (1dB step) ,15,20,25,30dB

    Key Features

  • Low insertion loss deviation
  • Variable attenuation and connector types
  • Easy to handle
  • Environmental stable
  • Customer defined specifications
  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Ordering Information
  • Applications
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  •  Sun Telecom's fixed adaptor type Attenuators are used in a wide variety of applications and can satisfy almost any requirement where a reduction in power is needed. 
  • Environmental Tests
    The performance of the attenuators has been complied with the "EIA-455" series in test of:

    1. Optical characteristics 5. Thermal aging
    2. Vibration stability 6. Cable retention
    3. Impact resistance 7. Salt spray
    4. Temperature cycling 8. Humidity resistance

    Attenuation Range (dB) 0 ~ 30
    Available Wavelengths (nm) 1310 or 1550
    Fixed attenuation value 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35dB
    Return Loss (Hybrid type) (dB) ≥50 (PC)
    ≥60 (APC)
    Polarization Dependent Loss (dB) ≤0.2dB
    Temperature Range (°C) -40 -80
    Humidity Range +/- 0.2 dB change in 10% to 90% relative Humidity Range.
    Vibration ≤0.1 dB change between 10Hz to 55Hz.
    Drop ±0.2dB after 8 drops (3 axes) from 1.8 meters onto a hard surface.
    Operating Wavelength (nm) SM: 1200 ~ 1600  or  1310, 1550
    MM: 850n 1300
    Attenuation Accuracy  +/-0.3 (1-10dB)    
    +/-1.0 (11-30dB)
    Maximum Optical Input Power (mW) 200

    Back Reflection (dB)

    < -50
    FC Female to Female SC Female to Female ST Female to Female LC Female to Female
     FC/PC Female toFC/PC Female
    0~ 35 dB
      ST Male to 
    Female Fixed Attenuator
    0~ 35 dB
      FC/PC Male to FC/PC Female
    0~ 35 dB
      LC Male to LC Female Fixed Attenuator
    0~ 35 dB
      SC Female to SC Female
    0~ 35 dB
        SC Male to LC Female
    0~ 35 dB
      SC Male to SC Female
    0~ 35 dB
    MU Male to MU Female
    0~ 35 dB
    SC Male to FC/PC Female
    0~ 35 dB
    LC Duplex Loop Back
    0~ 35 dB

  • Connector type Ferrule End-face Fiber Type Attenuation Wavelength
    1-10dB (1dB step)
    15 dB
    20 dB
    25 dB
    30 dB
  • ● Fiber Optic Communication Systems
    ● Telecommunication Networks 
    ● Local Area Networks (LAN)
    ● Video & CATV
    ● Fiber to the home   

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