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SUN-IRL851315 Insertion and Return Loss Tester

Model: SUN-IRL851315

1310 ⁄ 1550 (RL), FC ⁄ APC; 850 ⁄ 1310 ⁄ 1550 (IL), FC ⁄ SC ⁄ ST

    Key Features

  • In-built high stability light source
  • Variety of optical interfaces
  • Large color LCD screen
  • Threshold setting configuration
  • Insertion and return loss test for SM and return loss test for MM
  • Description
  • Specifications
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  • Applications
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  • Product Video
  •  Sun Telecom’s SUN-IRL851315 series of insertion and return loss tester is a multifunctional test instrument composed of a stable light source, high-precision optical power meter and an insertion and return loss tester. It can test return loss for SM (1310/1550nm) and insertion loss for SM&MM (850/1310/1550nm). It is widely used in the insertion and return loss testing of fiber optic cables, passive devices and communication systems.
  • Specifications
    Parameters Specification
    Optical Return Loss Test
    Test Wavelength (nm) 1310/1550 (±10nm)
    Optical Connector Type FC/APC
    Return Loss Test Measurement Range (dBm) 0~75
    Output Stability of Laser Source (dB/h) ±0.005 (@25°C)
    Measurement Accuracy (dB) 0.25
    Resolution (dBm/dB) 0.1
    Optical Insertion Loss Test
    Optic Connector (Power Meter) FC/SC/ST
    Universal 2.5mm /1.25mm adaptors
    Calibrated Wavelength (nm) 850/1310/1550
    Measurement Range +3 ~ -80
    Measurement Accuracy (dB) 0.25
    Display Resolution (dB) 0.001
    Testing Modes Linearity/Non-Linearity
    General Specification
    Display Color LCD screen
    Power Supply (V) AC 100-240
    Operation Temperature (°C) -5~55
    Dimensions (mm) 260(L) x 265(W) x 140(H)
    Weight (kg) 3
    Standard Accessories
    No. Product Unit Quantity
    1 Insertion and Return Loss Tester  set 1
    2 Power Line piece 1
    3 Adapter (FC/SC/ST/2.5mm Universal, 1.25mm Universal) set 1
    4 FC/APC-FC/PC SM SX Patch Cord piece 1
    5 FC/APC-FC/APC SM SX Patch Cord piece 1
    6 Cleaning Cotton Swab pack 1
    7 Wrapping Stick piece 1

  • Model Name Description
    SUN-IRL851315 Insertion and Return Loss Tester  Return Loss: 1310/1550nm, 0~75dB, FC/APC; Multimode Light Source: 850nm, FC/PC; Insertion Loss: 850/1310/1550nm, +3~ -80dBm, FC/SC/ST/2.5mm universal/1.25mm universal (only insertion loss for multimode)

  • ● Telecommunication networks
    ● Other fiber optic networks
    ● Education and research in optical communication

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