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SUN-CATV-T15 Optical Transmitter

Model: SUN-CATV-T15

CATV transmitter, RF input, multiple fiber ports output

    Key Features

  • DFB lasers support maximum output power 16mW
  • Perfect pre-distortion circuit to guarantee the perfect CTB and CSO when C/N in high standard
  • With AGC automatic gain control to maintain the same output performance of different RF input level
  • VFD or LED displays the correct working condition
  • Standard RS232 port for local management and monitoring
  • Standard RJ 45 port for remote management
  • Description
  • Specifications
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  • Applications
  • FAQ
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  •  Sun Telecom’s SUN-CATV-T15 series of optical transmitter is a transmission equipment of CATV used in the FTTH project and it changes RF signal to optical signal that can transmit maximum 20km distance instead of 400m.111
  • Specifications
    Parameters Specification
    Optic Power (mW ) ≥2 ≥4 ≥6 ≥8 ≥10 ≥12 ≥14 ≥16
    Wavelength (nm ) 1528~1570 (optional)
    Optical Connector FC/APC, SC/APC (optional)
    Max. Transmission (km) 20
    Working Bandwidth (MHz) 45/87~862/1000
    CNR (dB) 51
    CTB (dB) ≥65
    CSO (dB) ≥60
    RF Input Power (dBµV) AGC 78±5
    Non AGC 70~110
    Band Unflatness (dB) ≤0.75
    Power Loss (W) ≤30
    Working Voltage (V) AC:220V
    DC:-48V (Optional)
    Working Temperature (°C) -20~85
    Dimensions (mm) 483(L) x 380(W) x 1U(H)
    Weight (Kg) 5.0
    Standard Accessories

    No. Product Unit Quantity
    1 Optical Transmitter set 1
    2 Power Adapter piece 1

  • ● FTTH solutions
    ● Cable television distribution network
    ● EOC, etc

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