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SUN-AL-B Optical Fiber V-Groove

Model: SUN-AL-B

This high presicion V groove for active coupling connection of bare fiber

    Key Features

  • Two adjustable positioners applied to all kinds of fiber coating
  • Typical connection loss 0.5dB
  • Compact and easy operation
  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Ordering Information
  • Applications
  • FAQ
  • Product Video
  •  SUN Telecom’s SUN-AL-B High-Precision Optical Fiber V-Groove is mainly applied to the active coupling connection of bare fibers in Fiber Testing, experiment, constructions and Single-deck Testing of Fiber Optic Cable, which is simple structure, reliable and easy control.
  • Parameters Specifications
    Fiber Type 0.25mm-0.25mm
    Average Loss SM fiber: 0.5dB
    Applicable Fibers SM, MM, DS, NZ-DS optical fibers
    Cleave Length 10mm
    Operating Environment 0℃ ~+40℃, 90%RH (40℃, non-condensing)
    Storage Temp. (℃) -20~+60
    Dimensions (mm) 80 (D)*80 (W)*25 (H)
    Net Weight (g) 370

  • Model Name Description
    SUN-AL-B Optical Fiber V-Groove Fiber Type: 0.25mm-0.25mm diameter fiber buffer; Connection Loss: <0.5dB

  • Applications and Attentions of Optical Fiber V-Groove
    Step 1: Attentions
    1. Don’t crash or scratch the High-precision V-Groove by any hard object in order to avoid damage on V-Groove and then to influence precision of the connection
    2. Wipe the dust in V-Groove by Alcohol Swabsticks every time before use

    Step 2: Prepare Optical Fiber Fracture Sections

    1. Stripping the fibers: Strip coating (about 40mm) of fiber by using Bare Fiber Stripper
    2. Cleaning the fibers: Put some absolute alcohol on absorbent cotton and then wipe the dust on bare fibers
    3. Cleaving the fibers: Cut the fibers by Ruby Knife or Fiber Cutter, left 10mm bare fibers

    Step 3: Settle Optical Fibers---Aligning the fibers in V-Groove

    1. Put the prepared bare fiber into V-Groove from the left side, make its fracture surface in the middle of the V-Groove
    2. Put down the platen and hold the fiber
    3. Put another prepared bare fiber into V-Groove after dipped some matching fluid
    4. Put ahead to make the two sections connected tightly
    5. Put down Middle Platen and then the Right Platen

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