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SUN-GYFJH Outdoor Remote Cable Patch Cord


SM/SMA1, GYFJH cable 2 cores, 7.0mm LSZH Black jacket

    Key Features

  • Low insertion loss and high return loss
  • High intensity of tension
  • Water and dust proof
  • Description
  • Specifications
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  • Applications
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  • Sun Telecom’s SUN-GYFJH outdoor remote cable patch cord is widely used in fiber optic transmission in harsh environments like FTTA (Fiber To The Antenna). Main advantages of this patchcord: simple structure, easy handing and low cost.
  • Parameters Specification
    Insertion Loss (dB) ≤0.3
    Return Loss (dB) ≥50
    Main Cable Type Non-armored outdoor remote cable
    Fiber Core 2
    Jacket Material LSZH
    Jacket Color Black
    Diameter (mm) 7.0±0.2
    Brach Cable Type / 3.0mm armored tube on DSC (DLC) end
    Length (m) / 0.5 or as request
    Total Length (m) 5/15/50/100 or as request
    Tolerance (m) 0~+0.1, If L ≤10,
    0~+0.2, If 10< L≤20,
    0~+1%×L, if L>20, L= patchcord length
    Label on Cable Jacket As request          
    RoHS Compliant
    Temperature (°C) Operating/Storage -20~+60
    7.0mm Non-armored Outdoor Remote Cable (GYFJH)

    Fiber Optic Characteristics

    Parameters Specification
    Fiber Type SM G652D (9/125μm)
    Attenuation (dB/km) @1310nm ≤0.35
    @1550nm ≤0.22
    Cable Cut-off Wavelength (nm) ≤1260
    Cable Specifications

    Parameters Specification
    Fiber Qty 2
    Tight Buffer Fiber Diameter (mm) 0.9±0.05
    Material LSZH
    Subunit Cable Diameter (mm) 2.0±0.1
    Strength Member Material Aramid yarn
    Jacket Material LSZH
    Jacket Color Blue, orange
    Filler Quantity 2
    Strength Member Material Aramid yarn
    Outer Jacket Diameter (mm) 7.0±0.2
    Material Black LSZH
    Tensile Strength (N) Short Term 400
    Long Term 200
    Crush Resistance (N) Short Term 2200
    Long Term 1100
    Bending Radius (mm) Dynamic 20D
    Static 10D
    Cable Attenuation (dB/km) @1310nm ≤0.4
    @1550nm ≤0.3
    Operating/Storage Temperature (°C) -20 ~ +60

  • Example: SUN-PDLC-50M-DLC-SMA1-GYFJH02-7L
    PDLC/UPC-DLC/UPC, SM G657A1, GYFJH cable 2 cores, 7.0mm LSZH Black jacket. Cable total Length: 50m (Tolerance: 0~0.5m)

  • ● Telecommunication networks
    ● FTTA

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