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SUN-MD-HP Micro Duct

Model: SUN-MD-HP

Low friction, small diameter, suitable for laying air blown micro cable

    Key Features

  • Low weight and small diameter
  • Colored ducts for easy identification
  • Good pressure resistance and completely dielectric
  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Ordering Information
  • Applications
  • FAQ
  • Product Video
  •     Sun Telecom’s SUN-MD-HP micro duct is a small-diameter, flexible duct which is aimed at providing a clean, continuous, low friction paths for placing the low pulling tension limits cable. It is available in variety color and sizes for easy identification, can optimizes system design and utilization. SUN-MD-HP micro duct is high quality, robust duct that remain serviceable for future cabling installation many years after installation. 

  • Specification
    Parameters Specification
    Tube Size Type 16/12mm 14/10mm 12/8mm 7/3.5mm
    Diameter (mm) 16.0±0.1 14.0±0.1 12.0±0.1 7.0±0.1
    Thickness (mm) 2.00±0.10 2.00±0.10 2.00±0.10 1.75±0.10
    Max. Tensile (N) 1650 1350 935 520
    Color According to customer
    Temperature -40°C~ +70°C

  • Ordering Information

    A B C
    Duct Diameter Material of Outer Jacket Color of Outer Jacket
    HP=HDPE R=Red
    O= Orange
    Note: For the necessity of improvement, the material contained in this document is subject to change without notice.

  • ●Outdoor cable blowing
    ●Duct system laying

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