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Essential Equipment For Patch Cord Manufacturing

Date: 2017-07-27 10:47:54

Patch Cord Manufacturing is a long process that requires many different kinds of equipment, today we will take a look at some of the more essential ones:

Epoxy Suction Machine:

An Epoxy Suction Machine is used to inject epoxy into the patch cord to make sure the ferrule is properly attached to the fiber, it makes the whole epoxy injection process easier since there is no need to manually use a needle to perform the injection. Here we have our SUN-EPM230 Epoxy Suction Machine:
Heat Oven:

The Heat Oven is used to solidify the epoxy inside the patch cord, effectively gluing the fiber and the ferrule together, here we can use an equipment like our SUN-HO-H100:


Polishing Machine:

The Polishing Machine is used to polish connectors to give them their final convex shape, which enables them to have their transmission efficiency maximized. For polishing a Polishing Machine like our SUN-PM100L can be utilized:


Position : Home >Product News

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