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Using Fiber Optics in CCTV Surveillance Solutions

Date: 2017-07-27 10:13:32

CCTV Surveillance Solutions are having an increasing presence in many different countries due to the need to monitor different things like traffic, residential areas, educational institutions, etc.

Since traditional CCTV Solutions might not cover the distances required for some of these projects, an upgrade to fiber is inevitable.

A good example of this is a highway monitoring project, where the distances between the cameras and the Central Office can be very long, making solutions that don't use fiber optics inefficient or downright impossible to implement.

Aside from the distance advantage that fiber brings, there are other advantages like increased data transmission quantity, which can provide higher quality images from the cameras.

We at Sun Telecom provide the equipment and support required to implement such solutions, with professional quality and service:


Position : Home >Product News

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