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One-Stop Service of Fiber Optic Total Solutions

Date: 2017-08-14 09:47:04

What does One-Stop Service means?
Why hundreds of companies keep choosing Sun Telecom despite some others can have a lower price offer?
In 29 years of existence, Sun Telecom has proven to be a reliable partner with original approach to a customer that is One-Stop Service. It guarantees:
Ø  Quality.
Thanks to our inside quality control system, every single cable and equipment undertakes quality test right before sending out to the customer. That makes sure you are getting 100% working products. We also guarantee the quality of our total solutions because they are based on our own equipment.
Ø  Equipment.
Sun Telecom provides all range of equipment necessary to cover four fields in fiber optics (FTTH FTTx, Cabling systems, CCTV & Surveillance, Patch Cord Production Line). That includes OLTs, ONUs, Cables, Media Converters, CATV, OTDRs, Fusion Splicers, Cleavers, Splice Closures, ODF and more and more.
Ø  Knowledge & Experience.
In 29 years of existence, we have gathered wide range of knowledge in the field and thanks to numerous projects with our clients we have experienced good and bad situations, that allowed us to see which way our common projects are heading.
Ø  Consultancy.
We are always ready give a consultation or training to our customer to know how to use our equipment by video or any other way. If you have any trouble during the process of deployment, we will provide you a consultation or solution to prevent or fix any unwanted difficulties.
Ø  Design.
If you have a need to deploy fiber optic network and you are not sure how to make it, we will be glad to prepare a design of the network for your area and arrange right equipment according to environmental and technical needs.
Ø  Service.
Our customer service team carefully communicates with each of our clients to know their needs and be a bridge between you and company’s inner infrastructure.
Ø  Terms.
We keep our promises and make sure that goods are prepared and sent out in agreed terms.
Ø  Flexibility.
We are flexible to support our customers and fit your needs.

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