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Position : Home > Recruitment > Technical Support

    Technical Support

  • Population: 2
  • Address: Jinshan Industrial Zone, Shanghai, China
  • Educational background: N/A
  • Age: 25-35
  • release time: 2017-07-28 15:31:05 By the end of time: 2018-07-31

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Providing technical support and drafting the solutions for Fiber Optic Communication Products and FTTx FTTH solutions;
    2. Drafting technical instruction books and manuals for Fiber Optic Communication Products;
    3. Doing research on Fiber Optic Products.

    1. Frankness, honesty and team spirit;
    2. Degree in Fiber Optic Communication, Communication Engineering, Network Engineering or related major;
    3. Backgrounds in Telecommunications, Radio and Television, Cable Television, IT and other related industry are preferred;
    4. Fluent in English.