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SUN-PCD Pre-laid Cable Duct

Model: SUN-PCD

HDPE pipes with embedded optical cables

    Key Features

  • Saves the charge of cable blowing
  • Greatly shorten the construction period
  • Save the set-up expense on many manholes
  • Saves the freight
  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Ordering Information
  • Applications
  • FAQ
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  •      Sun Telecom’s SUN-PCD is abbreviation of Pre-laid Cable Duct, which means that at the same time when the duct is extruded into form, cable is pre-laid into the duct safely by a special smart fitting.
  • Physical and Chemical Performance of HDPE Duct
    Item Specification
    Type HDPE-40/33 HDPE-32/27
    Stiffness of Outer Wall ≥59 (Shore-D)
    Tensile Strength (Mpa) ≥21
    Elongation at Break ≥350%
    Maximal Pulling Load (N) ≥8000 ≥5000
    Minimal Bending Radius 10D
    Longitudinal Reversion ≤3%
    ESCR (F50) (h) ≥96
    Impact Test in Low Temperature 0℃, 10kg, 1.5m, no crack
    Crush Resistance Samples of duct of 150mm in length shall be subjected to a dead load of not less than 50kg in vertical direction for one minute and shall be allowed to recover for 5 minutes.
    The deflection with load on and after recovery period shall not exceed 10% and 2% respectively.
    OIT (min) ≥30
    Friction Coefficient of Inner Wall ≤0.12
    PCD Specifications and Size Deviation

    Duct Size OD (mm) Wall Thickness (mm)
    Nominated Value Size Deviation Nominated Value Size Deviation
    HDPE-32/26 32 +0.35/-0.00 3.0 +0.2/-0.2
    HDPE-32/27 32 +0.35/-0.00 2.5 +0.2/-0.2
    HDPE-40/33 40 +0.4/-0.0 3.5 +0.2/-0.2
    HDPE-40/34 40 +0.4/-0.0 3.0 +0.2/-0.2
    HDPE-46/38 46 +0.3/-0.0 4.0 +0.2/-0.2
    Size of Drum

    Specification HDPE-40/33
    2km/drum 2km/drum
    Drum Net Size (mm) 2250x1050 2250x580
    Drum Outer Size (mm) 2250x1150 2250x680
    Note: Cable details please refer to the specific information of related optical cables

  • ● Core network
    ● Metropolitan area network
    ● Access network

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