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Sun Telecom's Belief: Stay True to Yourself and Never Forget Why You Started

Date: 2019-10-12 17:13:22

Since the foundation in 1989, Sun Telecom has had 30 years of experience in fiber optic communication. “Be Honest, Be Steady” is the belief of every member. We insist in doing things that not only make ourselves happy and healthy, but also make our life better.

1. Insisting in doing things that make ourselves happy
Traditional Chinese society is a "relationship-based" society, so you have to do something against your will to make a deal. Under the circumstances, Sun Telecom prefers to temporarily give up domestic market rather than go against the will, so we shift our focus to the overseas market.
Sun Telecom not only pursues the development of the company, but also keeps the balance among the company, members and the society according to the actual situation.
Sun Telecom is not just seeking for profit, but shaping the corporate culture step by step, which gives members inner freedom and happiness.
Sun Telecom believes that inner happiness is the foundation of the company's development.
2. Insisting in doing things that make ourselves physically and mentally healthy
Sun Telecom always puts members' health in the first place. Sun Telecom never sacrifices members' health and family happiness for the development of the company. Instead, Sun Telecom encourages a simple lifestyle with healthy eating habits, alternating work with rest and moderate exercise.
Sun Telecom's members continue to improve backup system. Once one member encounters an emergency, others will backup immediately, which makes him feel at ease.
When Sun Telecom has group activities, we will always try to bring our wives/husbands, parents, grandparents and children together with us, enjoy the moment and share happiness with them.
Sun Telecom pays attention to members' mental health, popularizing the knowledge of anxiety, depression and so on, and the ways of mindfulness training to help members eliminate negative emotions and improve psychological quality.
Sun Telecom believes that physical and mental health is the guarantee of the company's development.
3. Insisting in doing things that make our life better
Sun Telecom advocates peace, love, harmony, science technology development and society development. We keep working hard to improve ourselves and play to our strengths.
When facing the negative emotions or bad phenomena, Sun Telecom always stays positive and shares love to others.
Sun Telecom cares about public welfare, and starts doing charity in the nursing homes around the company.
Sun Telecom promotes China's relatively low-cost but more sophisticated fiber optic infrastructure to the world, especially to some developing countries. With the spirit of openness, inclusiveness and win-win cooperation, Sun Telecom wants to try our best to make more contribution to the society within our capabilities. Sun Telecom respects people around the world and is willing to strive with them for a better tomorrow.
Sun Telecom believes that a good life is the driving force for the company's development.
Anyway, Sun Telecom will always stay true to ourselves, never forget why we started, and strive for happiness, healthiness and a better life.

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