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SUN-OPGW-TS Series Tension Clamp


For OPGW Cables

    Key Features

  • Connect with the pole or tower and bear the line load
  • Stress is equally distributed without intensive stress pivot
  • Aluminum clad steel wires rod against corrosion and improve the mechanical properties
  • Double layer of preformed armored rods
  • Used on pole or tower
  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Ordering Information
  • Applications
  • FAQ
  • Product Video
  •  Sun Telecom’s SUN-OPGW-TC tension clamp bears the tension strength, connecting OPGW cable to pole or tower.
  • Item Parameter
    Material Shackle,
    Thimble clevis
    Galvanized steel
    Inner/outer preformed armored rods Aluminum clad steel wires (surface glue dipping and sand capping). (Galvanized steel wires are optional.)
    Strength Class (KN) 60 70 100
    Suitable Cable Diameter (mm) 7.8~8.8, etc 8.8~9.8, 9.8~10.6, 10.6~11.5, 11.5~12.3, 12.3~13, 13~14, 14~15, etc 12.3~13, 13~14, 14~15, 15~15.8, 15.8~16.8, etc
    Connector Part Model U-7, PH-7, TC-7 U-7, PH-7, TC-7 U-10, PH-10, TC-10
    Layer of Preformed Armor Rods Double layer

  • Pole mounted
    Tower mounted

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