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Position : Home > Recruitment > Project Manager

    Project Manager

  • Number Of People: 2
  • Address: Jinshan Industrial Zone, Shanghai, China
  • Educational background: Bachelor degree or above

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Be responsible for the negotiation of the overseas orders and the completion of team sales target;
    2. Be responsible for planing, establishing, maintaining, promoting customer connections to establish long-term and stable relationship with customers;
    3. Understand the requirements of customers accurately and solve customers' problems;
    4. Deal with other matters assigned by the team.

    1. Integrity, Honesty, Team spirit;
    2. Have strong communication skills, problem solving ability and good learning ability;
    3. Have excellent customer service sense and certain market sensitivity;
    4. Be able to use Engligh fluently at work. Major in minority languages, or studying overseas, or having exchange study background is preferred.