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SUN-ABM Cable Blowing Machine

Model: SUN-ABM-M28-P; SUN-ABM-L825-PH

Compact and lightweight, strong power, suitable for working in various environments

    Key Features

  • Two pneumatic air motor and compressor hose adapter
  • Cable inserts for different cable diameters
  • Special belt sets are easy to install
  • No need to extra setting for different cable diameters
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  •  Sun Telecom’s SUN-ODN-ABM cable blowing machine is designed for blowing or floating telecommunication cables (fiber optic cable or coaxial cable) or micro ducts in preinstalled ducts.
    In addition to its ability to install a wide range of cables, SUN-ABM-L825-PH hydraulic type is also well suited for laying micro ducts. It is very easy to use and comes with a toolbox containing all the tools needed for maintenance and services. Its clamping system ensures good cable grip without damage while absorbing tolerances of the cable diameter.

  • Specifications
    Parameters Specification
    Model SUN-ABM-M28-P SUN-ABM-H825-PH
    Blowing Cable Diameter (mm) 2~8 8~25 (22~25mm need customized)
    Blowing Micro Duct Diameter / 1~4pcs 6~12mm
    Suitable Duct Diameter (mm) 5~14 32~50
    Drive Unit Pneumatic Pneumatic + Hydraulic
    Pushing Force 100N 3~5MPa
    Operating Pressure (bar) 8~15
    Max. Blowing Length (km) 2
    Max. Speed (m/min) 120
    Operating Temp (°C) -25 ~ +55
    Dimensions (mm) 400 (L) × 280 (W) × 300 (H) 500 (L) × 280 (W) × 280 (H)
    Weight (kg) 13.3 24
    Note:  Air compressor should be provided by the client.
    SUN-ABM-M28-P Standard Package

    No. Name Unit Quantity
    1 Air-pressure Pipe piece 1
    2 Pipe Connector piece 1
    3 Cable Plug piece 1
    4 Sealing Ring piece 1
    SUN-ABM-L825-PH Standard Package

    No. Name Unit Quantity
    1 Hydraulic Pump1 set 1
    2 Oil-pressure Pipe with Connector pieces 2
    3 Air-pressure Pipe Connector pieces 3
    4 Cable Plug pieces 3
    5 Sealing Ring pieces 8
    6 Conveyor Belt pieces 2
    7 Air-Oil Separator piece 1
    8 Silicon Core Pipe Scissors pieces 2
    Note1:  Hydraulic oil should be provided by the client.
  • Ordering Information
    Model Name Description
    SUN-ABM-M28-P Cable Blowing Machine Mini type; Pneumatic; Suitable for 2~8mm micro cable blowing; Suitable duct diameter: 5~14mm; Air compressor NOT included
    SUN-ABM-L825-PH Cable Blowing Machine Hydraulic type; Suitable for 8~25mm cable blowing and the suitable duct diameter: 32~50mm; With hydraulic pump, air compressor NOT included

  • ●Highways
    ●Petroleum and petrochemical pipelines
    ●Water conservancy
    ●Large building

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