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SUN-ADSS-SVD Spiral Vibration Damper


For ADSS Cables

    Key Features

  • High strength, aging resistance, high elasticity
  • Effectively reduces levels of Aeolian vibration on cables
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  •  Sun Telecom's SUN-ADSS-SVD spiral vibration damper is made of high strength, aging resistance, high elasticity and modified PVC materials. It can effectively reduce of the vibration caused by laminar flow on ADSS cable.
  • Model Suitable ADSS Cable Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Spiral Vibration Damper Diameter (mm) Weight (kg)
    Material PVC
    SUN-ADSS-SVD-D11.7-L1300 8.3~11.7 1300 10.8~12.7 0.25
    SUN-ADSS-SVD-D14.3-L1350 11.71~14.3 1350 12.2~14 0.35
    SUN-ADSS-SVD-D19.3-L1650 14.31~19.3 1650 12.2~14 0.39
    SUN-ADSS-SVD-D23.5-L1750 19.31~23.5 1750 15~17 0.45

  • SUN-ADSS-SVD-D11.7-L1300 Suitable for cable diameter: 8.3~11.7mm ADSS cable; Material: PVC; Diameter: 10.8~12.7mm, length: 1300mm
    SUN-ADSS-SVD-D14.3-L1350 Suitable for cable diameter: 11.71~14.3mm ADSS cable; Material: PVC; Diameter: 12.2~14mm, length: 1350mm
    SUN-ADSS-SVD-D19.3-L1650 Suitable for cable diameter: 14.31~19.3mm ADSS cable; Material: PVC; Diameter: 12.2~14mm, length: 1650mm
    SUN-ADSS-SVD-D23.5-L1750 Suitable for cable diameter: 19.31~23.5mm ADSS cable; Material: PVC; Diameter: 15~17mm, length: 1750mm

  • Single spiral vibration damper
    Double spiral vibration damper

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