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Three technologies that cannot be left in building Medical Treatment Combination

Date: 2022-08-05 10:22:09

 At present, China's medical background faces three major problems: Insufficient supply of medical service resources, unreasonable distribution of medical resources, and the mentality of patients' "care about high not about low" result in inefficient use of high-quality medical resources and unreasonable medical service supply mechanism, making the construction of medical treatment combination more and more important.
Medical treatment combination refers to the integration of medical resources in the same area, through the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system, according to the priority of the disease and the difficulty of treatment, and medical institutions at all levels undertake the treatment of different diseases. Form a medical treatment pattern of "minor illness in the community, serious illness in the hospital, and recovery back to the community" to solve the problem of people's difficulty in seeing a doctor. The construction of the medical treatment combination cannot be separated from the support of All-Optical Network, Internet of Things and Cloud Platform.

All-Optical Networks (AON)

With the deepening of hospital informatization, the All-Optical Network has won the favor of many hospitals because of its advantages such as higher performance, shorter construction period, and less renovation cost. Sun Telecom, which provides "systematic, end-to-end, one-stop"fiber optic total solutions and products for worldwide customers, believes that: all-optical network technology allows data to be transmitted without any electrical processing, which can result in farther transmission distances. The benefits of AON technology are high bandwidth, good compatibility, transparent transmission, excellent scalability, good reconfigurability, low latency and low energy consumption.

Internet of Things
Through various information sensors, infrared sensors and other devices and technologies, real-time collection of any object or process that needs to be monitored, connected, and interacted to realize ubiquitous connection between objects and objects and people, and realize intelligent perception of objects and processes , identification and management is the Internet of Things.
The Internet of Things has a wide range of uses. In hospital management, it is integrated with the hospital's existing systems such as HIS, electronic medical records, EPR, and intelligent logistics. It can be used for patient management, medical staff management, medical equipment management, pharmaceutical supply management and medical waste management in medical consortium hospitals, etc. It has improved the efficiency of medical collaboration services within the consortium and shortened the time for diagnosis and treatment and referral of emergency patients at the grassroots level. The IoT has played an important role in deepening the reform of the medical and health system and promoting the construction of a hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system.

Cloud Platform
In addition to the all-optical networks and the Internet of Things, the Cloud Platform is also an indispensable technology for building a medical treatment combination. It refers to services based on highly abstract hardware resources and software resources, providing computing, network and storage capabilities, and issuing instructions to the "cloud" to get the services you want. It can be divided into storage type, computing type and a comprehensive cloud platform combining the two.
The use of the cloud platform reduces computer costs, improves data reliability, and connects large hospitals, small and medium-sized hospitals, and primary medical and health institutions. Let doctors or patients who need medical resources get the most appropriate resources at the right time.

The application of the all-optical network, the Internet of Things and the cloud platform provides strong support for the composition of the medical consortium, and also provides the basic strength for the establishment of the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system. The application of various technologies in the medical alliance also promotes the development of hospital informatization and digitization, promotes the birth of a number of health terminals, and maximizes total social welfare.

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