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Sun Telecom was at The China International SME Fair

Date: 2023-07-03 17:14:40

From June 26 to 30, 2023, The 18th China International Small and Medium Enterprises Fair and The 2nd SME International Cooperation Summit were officially held in Area A of The China Import and Export Complex (Canton Fair Complex).
The China Import and Export Complex (Canton Fair Complex)
The China International SME Fair is the only national-level exhibition in China approved by China's State Council and the only national-level exhibition dedicated to small and medium enterprises in the world.
The China International SME Fair

The fair featured five exhibition areas, including the international, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan exhibition area, the provincial and city exhibition area, and the industrial Internet exhibition area, etc. Sun Telecom, being recognized as a Specialized, Excelled, Differentiated, and Innovative Enterprise, was selected as one of the companies to represent the Shanghai area in participating in the 18th China International SME Fair.
4.2A03 Shanghai Exhibition Area

Exhibitors in Shanghai Exhibition Area (Partial)

Sun Telecom focused on the Shanghai exhibition theme of "Strengthening Cooperation, Expanding Exchanges, Mutual Benefit, and Joint Development" during the China International SME Fair. The company showcased a range of products and "One-stop" fiber optic total solutions, including a Fiber Optic Intelligent Terminal, 5G Fronthaul, 5G Backhaul, Railway Dispatching System, Railway Carriage Monitoring & Multimedia System, Power Transmission Line On-line Monitoring System, New Energy SCADA, Fusion Splicer, and other fiber optic total solutions and products. These offerings provided customers with a "One-stop" approach to meet their fiber optic needs.
Sun Telecom's Booth

During The China International SME Fair, Sun Telecom's booth attracted many people to visit. The members of Sun Telecom patiently and detailedly introduced the company's background, "One-stop" fiber optic total solutions and products to each visitor. They took the initiative to demonstrate the operation of the products, introduce the features, advantages and functions of the products more vividly, and help visitors better understand the products and solutions.
Introducing "One-stop" Fiber Optic Total Solutions and Products to Visitors

During the event, Sun Telecom members actively participated in various activities and forums, including the APEC Forum on Promoting Specialized and  Innovative Development of SMEs, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Digital Transformation Forum, and International Forum on SME Industrial Clusters. They learnt new knowledge and trends in the industry. Each forum took "Development" as the core theme. These forums built a communication platform, invited industry experts, and conducted experience exchanges to promote the high-quality development of SMEs and help SMEs deepen international cooperation for mutual benefits and win-win results.
Scene of International Forum on SME Industrial Clusters

On the morning of the 29th, a Sun Telecom representative graciously accepted an interview with Guangdong Radio and Television Station. During the interview, she expressed sincere gratitude to the Shanghai Municipal Government for their trust and support and the opportunities for cooperation and exchange provided by the SME Fair. She shared that participating in this fair and attending the various forum activities had been highly beneficial, giving her a strong sense of the country's support for small and medium-sized enterprises.
An Interview with Guangdong Radio and Television Station

Sun Telecom is a Fiber Optic Total Solutions provider, serving customers from over 130 countries and regions. Sun Telecom is devoted to meeting the needs of customers to the greatest extent by providing "Systematic, Customized, End-to-end, One-stop" fiber optic total solutions and products for worldwide customers. We offer complete fiber optic solutions and products for various fields such as Telecom (FTTH, 4G/5G Mobile Stations, etc.), ISP, Cable Television and Broadcast, Surveillance and Monitoring (Smart City, Smart Home, etc.), Computing Networks, Data Centers (Cloud Computing, Big Data, IoT, etc.), Industrial Control, Intelligent Manufacturing (Industrial 4.0), Fiber Optic Sensing, etc.
Application Fields of Sun Telecom Fiber Optic Total Solutions

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