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SUN-GPE1201G1FRW-VS Optical Network Unit (EPON/GPON ONU)

Model: SUN-GPE1201G1FRW-VS

Dual mode (GPON/EPON), 1xSC/APC optical port, 1x10/100/1000M, 1x10/100M RJ45 port and 1x CATV port

    Key Features

  • Dual Mode( can access gpon/epon olts )
  • Plug and play, features auto-detecting, auto-configuration, and auto firmware upgrade, etc
  • Integrated OMCI remote configuration and maintenance function
  • Support rich QinQ VLAN functions and IGMP Snooping multicast features
  • Fully compatibility with OLT based on Broadcom/PMC/Cortina chipset
  • Support 802.11n WiFi (2T2R) function
  • Support NAT, Firewall function
  • Support IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack
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  • Sun Telecom's SUN-GPE1201G1FRW-VS optical network unit (ONU) is one of the EPON/GPON products used in user side and designed to meet the requirements of the broadband access network. This ONU has 1xSC/APC optical port, 1x10/100/1000M, 1x10/100M RJ45 port and 1x CATV port in compliance with standards IEEE EPON and ITU-TG.984.x GPON. It provides high-speed Internet access, voice and Wi-Fi service.

  • Specifications
    Parameters                                       Specification
    Rate (Gbps) Uplink: 1.244
    Downlink: 1.244
    PON Interface 1 GPON/EPON port(EPON PX20+ and GPON Class B+)
    Optical Output Power (dBm) 0~4
    Receiving Sensitivity (dBm) -28
    Receiving Satiability (dBm) -3
    PON Interface 1xSC/APC optical port
    Data Interface 1x10/100/1000M and 1x10/100M RJ45 port
    CATV Interface RF, optical power : +2~-18dBm
    Optical reflection loss: ≥45dB
    Optical receiving wavelength: 1550±10nm
    RF frequency range: 47~1000MHz, RF output impedance: 75Ω
    RF output level: ≥ 82dBuV(-7dBm optical input)
    AGC range: +2~-7dBm
    MER: ≥32dB(-14dBm optical input), >35(-10dBm)
    Power Supply External power adapter, 12V/1A
    Power Consumption (W) <8
    Working Temperature (ºC) 0~50
    Humidity (%) 10~90, no condensing
    Dimensions (mm) 185(L) x 120(W)x 34(H)
    Weight (g) 290
    Standard Accessories

    No. Product Unit Quantity
    1 Optical Network Unit (ONU) set 1
    2 Power Adapter set 1
    3 UTP Patch Cord piece 1

  • Model Name Description
    SUN-GPE1201G1FRW-VS Optical Network Unit (ONU) Dual mode (GPON/EPON), 1 port of SC/APC, 1 port of 10/100/1000M, 1 port of 10/100M RJ45 and 1 port of CATV (British), with wifi; External power supply: 220V to 12V power adapter

  • ● FTTH access networks
    ● Telecommunication networks
    ● Local Area Networks

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