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SUN-GP1108/16 GPON Optical Line Terminal (OLT)

Model: SUN-GP1108/16

Max 16 PON ports,4 uplink GE Combo ports, 2 10GE SFP+ ports

    Key Features

  • Small space occupation with 1U height
  • Convenient for installation and maintenance
  • Dual power redundancy
  • 8/16*PON ports, 4*GE Combo ports and 2*10GE SFP+ ports
  • Description
  • Specifications
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  •  Sun Telecom's SUN-GP1108(16) cassette OLT provides Max 16 downlink PON ports (Each PON port supports up to 1:128 split ratio), 4 uplink GE Combo ports, 2 10GE SFP+ ports. The OLT is 1U height and convenient for installation and maintenance. It supports dual power redundancy.
  • Specifications
    Parameters                                       Specification
    Model SUN-GP1108 SUN-GP1116
    Switching Capacity (Gbps) 102 140
    Throughput (IPv4/IPv6) (Mpps) 75.88 104
    Ports 8*PON ports, 4*GE combo ports,2*10GE SFP+ ports 16*PON ports, 4*GE combo ports,2*10GE SFP+ ports
    Redundancy Dual power supply (double AC, double DC or AC+DC)
    Power Supply (V) AC:Input 100~240
    DC:Input -36~-75
    Power Consumption (W) ≤85
    Working Temperature(°C) 0~55
    Storage Temperature(°C) -40~70
    Relative Humidity (%) 10~90, no condensing
    Dimensions (mm) 440(L) × 380(W) × 44(H)
    Weight (Kg) ≤3
    Service Features

    Item Feature
    PON GPON ● ITU-TG.984.x standard 
    ● Maximum transmission distance of 20KM
    ● Maximum 128 ONTs
    ● Uplink FEC, downlink FEC (Forward Error Correction)
    ● Periodically update AES encryption
    ● ONU identifier authentication: SN/PASSWD/SN+PASSWD 
    ● Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation
    ● Standard OMCI function
    L2 MAC ● MAC Black Hole
    ● Port MAC Limit
    ● 32K MAC address
    VLAN ● 4K VLAN entries
    ● Port-based/MAC-based/IP subnet-based VLAN
    ● Port-based QinQ and Selective QinQ (Stack VLAN)
    ● VLAN Swap and VLAN Remark
    ● GVRP
    ● Based on ONU service flow VLAN add and delete
    Spanning Tree Protocol ● STP (IEEE 802.1D)/RSTP (IEEE 802.1w)/MSTP (IEEE802.1s)
    ● ONU remote loop detecting alarm
    Port ● Bi-directional bandwidth control
    ● Static link aggregation and LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol)
    ● Port mirroring
    Security User  Security ● Anti-ARP-spoofing
    ● Anti-ARP-flooding
    ● IP Source Guard creating IP+VLAN+MAC+Port binding
    ● Port Isolation
    ● MAC address binds to port and port MAC address filtration
    ● IEEE 802.1x and AAA/Radius authentication
    Device Security ● Anti-DOS attack (such as ARP, Synflood, Smurf, ICMP attack), ARP detection, worm and Msblaster worm attack
    ● SSHv2 Secure Shell
    ● SNMP v3 encrypted management
    ● Security IP login through Telnet
    ● Hierarchical management and password protection of users
    Network Security ● User-based MAC and ARP traffic examination
    ● Restrict ARP traffic of each user and force-out user with abnormal ARP traffic
    ● Dynamic ARP table-based binding
    ● IP+VLAN+MAC+Port binding
    ● L2 to L7 ACL flow filtration mechanism on the 80 bytes of the head of user-defined packet
    ● Port-based broadcast/multicast suppression and auto-shutdown risk port
    ● URPF to prevent IP address counterfeit and attack
    ● DHCP Option82 and PPPoE+ upload user’s physical location
    ● Plaintext authentication of OSPF, RIPv2 and BGPv4 and cryptograph authentication of MD5
    Service ACL ● Standard and extended ACL
    ● Time Range ACL
    ● Packet filter providing filtering based on source/destination MAC address, source/destination IP address, port, protocol, VLAN, VLAN range, MAC address range, or invalid frame.
    ● Packet filtration of L2~L7 even deep to 80 bytes of IP packet head
    QoS ● Rate-limit to packet sending/receiving speed of port or self-defined flow and general flow monitor and two-speed tri-color flow monitor of self-defined flow
    ● CAR (Committed Access Rate), Traffic Shaping and flow statistics
    ● Packet mirror and redirection of interface and self-defined flow
    ● Priority remark to port, self-defined flow, 802.1P, and DSCP
    ● Super queue scheduler based on port and self-defined flow. Each port flow supporting 8 priority queues and scheduler of SP, WRR.
    ● Congestion avoid mechanism,including Tail-Drop and WRED
    IPV6 ● SA/DA Classification
    ● MLD Snooping
    Multicast ● IGMPv1/v2/v3
    ● IGMPv1/v2/v3 Snooping
    ● IGMP Filter
    ● MVR and cross VLAN multicast copy
    ● IGMP Fast leave
    ● IGMP Proxy
    ● PIM-SMv6, PIM-DMv6, PIM-SSMv6
    ● MLDv2/MLDv2 Snooping
    Reliability Loop Protection ● EAPS and GERP (recover-time <50ms)
    ● Loopback-detection
    Link Protection ● Flex Link (recover-time <50ms)
    ● RSTP/MSTP (recover-time <1s)
    ● LACP (recover-time <10ms)
    ● BFD
    Device Protection ● VRRP host backup
    ● Dual power hot backup
    Maintenance Network Maintenance ● Telnet-based statistics
    ● RFC3176 sFlow
    ● LLDP
    ● 802.3ah Ethernet OAM
    ● Datalog and RFC 3164 BSD syslog Protocol
    ● Ping and Traceroute
    Device Management ● Command-line interface (CLI), Console, Telnet and WEB configuration
    ● System configuration with SNMPv1/v2/v3
    ● RMON (Remote Monitoring)1/2/3/9 groups of MIB
    ● NTP (Network Time Protocol)
    ● GN.LinkⅡ Server
    ● NMS network management

    Standard Accessories
    No. Product Unit Quantity
    1 1 U Optical Line Terminal (OLT) set 1
    Optical Accessories

    No. Product Unit Quantity
    1 Power Module piece 2
    2 Downlink 2.5G Optical Transceiver pieces 8/16
    3 Uplink 1.25G Optical Transceiver pieces 4
    4 Uplink 10G Optical Transceiver pieces 2

  • Model Name Description
    SUN-GP1108 Optical Line Terminal (OLT) 1U 19" rack mount; 8 slots for downlink optical SFP modules and 4*GE combo ports,2*10GE SFP+ ports, 1 port of CONSOLE and 1 port of AUX; Backplane with 2 slots for power modules; NMS software NOT included
    SUN-GP1116 Optical Line Terminal (OLT) 1U 19" rack mount; 16 slots for downlink optical SFP modules and 4*GE combo ports,2*10GE SFP+ ports, 1 port of CONSOLE and 1 port of AUX; Backplane with 2 slots for power modules; NMS software NOT included

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