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SUN-SMA905 Connector

Model: SUN-SMA905

Used for Industry and medical field

    Key Features

  • easy to operate
  • High Power
  • Big core diameter
  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Ordering Information
  • Applications
  • FAQ
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  •  Sun Telecom's standard products include two types of SMA905 connectors: SMA905 (with Kevlar crimp ring) and HPSMA905 (without Kevlar crimp ring). Custom SMA905 connectors are also available upon request. 
  • Specifications
      SMA905 HPSMA905
    Structure With Kevlar Crimp Ring W/O Kevlar crimp Ring
    Ferrule Material Ceramic Stainless Cupronickel
    Type - W/O cantilevered W/O cantilevered With cantilevered
    I.D. φ127~2000um φ200~2000um φ220~1000um
    Nut Type Round or hex. Round or hex.
    Material Nickel-plated copper Nickel-plated copper
    Boot  φ0.9, 2.0 or 3.0mm φ3.0mm or customized metal boot
    Cap Rubber (T-type) or metal Rubber (T-type) or metal
    *An option is the fiber tip cantilevered within an HPSMA905 connector ferrule tip, which is bored to remove epoxy and other material from the fiber perimeter, reducing fiber breakdown. It brings a heat sink to the rear of the connector, which conducts extraneous heat away from the fiber, further reducing the possibility of breakdown.

  • Ordering Information
    1) Connectors:

    2) Adaptors:
    SUN-SMA905-AD-W: Adaptor (female to female) with copper sleeve 

  • ● Optical fiber communications system
    ● Optical fiber access network
    ● Optical fiber test equipments
    ● Industry medical field

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