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Rise of fiber-based access devicesaccess device trends

Date: 2017-07-28 11:23:03

The replacement of copper-based devices with fiber-based access devices is among the Top 3 trends Technavio has identified in its new "Global Carrier Ethernet Access Devices Market 2017-2021" report. The other two trends are the rise of open Ethernet and an overall decrease in Carrier Ethernet access device prices, according to the market research firm.

Operators are switching to fiber-based Carrier Ethernet access devices as part of an overall trend toward the use of fiber-optic networks, according to the report. The greater transmission capacity of fiber-optic cable is the most obvious reason for the trend.

Meanwhile, Technavio sees an increasing interest in open Ethernet as network operators look to improve flexibility and customization to a specific network requirement. "Open Ethernet is a next-level SDN [software-defined networking], where the software resides on the Ethernet switch hardware. Open Ethernet eliminates vendor lock-in issues, allowing end-users to select open source switching and routing software. Using open source switching software to configure the hardware will enable end-users to be competitive in this interconnected high-speed world," says Jujhar Singh, a lead analyst at Technavio for semiconductor equipment research.

Technavio also notes the significant price pressure of Ethernet access devices. Improved technology can help suppliers meet cost expectations. However, if vendors can't differentiate based on enhanced features, lowering the price of their product can prove the only way to stay competitive. "Advances in technology have helped component suppliers to reduce the cost of the electronic components used in carrier Ethernet access devices. Thus, technological advances and intense competition in the market are leading to a reduction in the price of carrier Ethernet access devices," says Jujhar.

As its title implies, the "Global Carrier Ethernet Access Devices Market 2017-2021" report offers analysis of the most important trends expected to affect the market from 2017-2021. Technavio is offering the report at a $1,000 discount for a limited time.

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